Quest:Feasting on the Forest

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Feasting on the Forest
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Quickbeam's Huorn
Starts at Landscape
Start Region Entwood
Map Ref [40.1S, 79.9W]
Ends with Quickbeam's Huorn
Ends at Remote Quest Advance
Quest Chain Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

As you wander Fangorn Forest, the Huorn travelling with you suddenly seems disturbed. It swiftly strikes a nearby stump with one of its roots causing numerous gredbyg to pour forth. It quickly crushes all of their number, but still appears upset.

You should search rotting stumps for more gredbyg and slay them before they can spread rot deeper into Fangorn.


Gredbyg devour and rot trees from below, striking fear into your Huorn companion and threatening Fangorn Forest.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Fangorn Hive-workers under rotting stumps (0/20)

Gredbyg can be found under rotting stumps throughout southern Fangorn.

The Huorn has expressed naught but contempt for the gredbyg chewing upon the trees of Fangorn. You should defeat them.

Defeated Fangorn Hive-workers under rotting stumps (20/20)

Objective 2

  • Talk to Quickbeam's Huorn

You have defeated many gredbyg and stopped them from causing more damage to Fangorn.

Huorn: The Huorn's anger seems to have subsided, and the gredbyg are no longer able to devour Fangorn from below, at least for the moment.