Quest:Fangorn Upturned

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Fangorn Upturned
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Quickbeam (Derndingle)
Starts at Derndingle
Start Region Entwood
Map Ref [42.1S, 79.1W]
Quest Chain Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Ta-rum! I have returned not a moment too soon, <name>.

'Can you hear it, little one? Hoom... these woods are angry and have been thrust into chaos in our wake. I worry for what has become of my fellow Ents' homes and what could be lurking beyond our sight.

'If you would search Treebeard's home, the mead to the north, and even look about the trees here in Derndingle, we can move to settle the forest once more.'


Since the Ents marched to war, the forest has been left upturned and angered. Quickbeam seeks knowledge of what has happened to Fangorn Forest before moving to act.

Objective 1

Look around from the centre of Derndingle

Wellinghall can be found far to the north-west of Derndingle, the Easeful Mead to the north, and Derndingle in south-eastern Fangorn Forest.

Quickbeam has asked you to scout Wellinghall, the Easeful Mead, and Derndingle for signs that the forest has grown wild and angry.

Wellinghall appears calm, but the growls of wood-trolls can be heard to the north-east
The mead is fraught with brambles and you can faintly hear nearby chittering
You see nothing strange around Derndingle

Objective 2

  • Talk to Quickbeam

Quickbeam can be found in Derndingle in south-eastern Fangorn Forest.

You have searched all of the locations to which Quickbeam directed you, and should now return to him with what you have learned.

Quickbeam: 'Hoom... these are not good tidings, <name>.
'I am thankful that Derndingle is free of threats... for we can begin our task of reclaiming the forest from this very spot. However, the wood-trolls concern me greatly, and to hear chittering at such a distance leads me to think the insects have grown beyond our control.
'I must think on what we are to do next, little one...'