Quest:Back into the Wild

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Back into the Wild
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Fleeing Dunlending Captain
Starts at Nan Curunír
Start Region Isengard (after)
Map Ref [50.4S, 90.1W]
Ends with Quickbeam (Derndingle)
Ends at Nan Curunír
End Region Isengard (after)
Map Ref [47.5S, 87.8W]
Quest Chain Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Stay... stay back, <race>!

'Look at what destruction the trees have brought to the vale... Saruman is undone. They allowed my men and me to flee, but I do not trust them. I know they are still here - I know they are watching us! There is one outside the ring, across the river Isen, I swear. It will not let us live!

'You have delayed us long enough, <race>. If your foolish journey brings you to Isengard, then so be it. We shall not remain long enough for the trees to find us.

'Men, we go to Dunland!'


After fleeing for their lives from Isengard, the Dunlendings fear the Ents are still pursuing them.

Objective 1

  • Search for the Ent the Dunlending spoke of outside Isengard

The strange tree is rumoured to wander outside the eastern edge of Isengard.

The Dunlendings are fleeing in fear from Nan Curunír after being granted freedom by the Ents. They have warned of a tree monster lurking nearby.

You have encountered the Ent, Quickbeam!

Objective 2

Quickbeam can be found to the east of Isengard.

The warning of the Dunlendings has turned in your favour, delivering you to an Ent. You should speak with Quickbeam.

Quickbeam: 'Ta-rum! Ah, little <name>... I remember you.
'Much has changed since we last spoke. More death, more violence, and more of my friends lost. Thankfully, it has finally come to an end, and the land can begin to heal.
'Soon I must return to the forest, but first, perhaps you can aid me in hindering the Tree-killer. Hoom... you should not find it so difficult to enter Isengard this time, my friend.'