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Type: Mammoth Graveyard
Region: Forochel
Area: Länsi-mâ
Location: [8.0N, 80.8W]


Norsu-hauta is a landmark within Länsi-mâ in Forochel. [8.0N, 80.8W]

The name, meaning "elephant grave" in Finnish, is a heavily trodden ground littered with tusks and skeletal remains of mammoths who have made their final pilgrimage to rest. Lying near the main road, the dwarves and visitors of Zigilgund to the north have a good view of this graveyard and its denizens. Mammoths of all ages come to visit the graveyard, perhaps as a way to pay respects. Between the mammoth carcasses and the surprisingly healthy elk population, many bears have taken opportunity to scavenge and hunt among the bones.

At the southern border of the graveyard a Lossoth hunter, Mika, has set up camp . He is well aware of Angmar's attempt to gain control over his land and his game, as well as all the sorrows those evil servants seek to cause his folk.




LossothM.png Mika


The following creatures are found within this area:


Looking north on the mammoth graveyard A Gauradan seer carrying out a vile ritual on a mammoth Looking south from Norsu-hauta The dwarf fortress of Zigilgund in the background of Norsu-hauta

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