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With the release of Book 11, A Minstrel is able to teach other players how to play any of the Minstrel-specific instruments.

Anyone can be taught how to play any instrument in the game, allowing the formation of musical ensembles!
Once a Minstrel has acquired the ability to teach an instrument (which requires more work then just going to a trainer), they are able to teach that instrument to any other player, but with a long cooldown. All Mentor skills share the same cooldown, so once you've taught someone an instrument, you won't be able to do so again for five days.

Musical Mentoring

Ability Level Range Description Learned from
Scribe Stance-icon.png Scribe Stance 30 25m Used with a mentor skill, creates a manual to teach instrument use Trainer
Mentor- Clarinet-icon.png Mentor : Clarinet 30 25m Instruct someone how to play the clarinet. Trainer
Mentor- Horn-icon.png Mentor : Horn 30 25m Instruct someone how to play the horn. Trainer
Mentor - Pibgorn-icon.png Mentor : Pibgorn 30 25m Instruct someone how to play the pibgorn. Trainer
Mentor- Cowbell-icon.png Mentor : Cowbell 36 25m Instruct someone how to play the cowbell. Trainer
Mentor - Bagpipes-icon.png Mentor : Bagpipes 48 25m Instruct someone how to play the bagpipes. Item
Mentor - Drums-icon.png Mentor : Drums 42 25m Instruct someone how to play the drum. Item
Mentor - Flute-icon.png Mentor : Flute 46 25m Instruct someone how to play the flute. Item
Mentor - Harp-icon.png Mentor : Harp 25m Instruct someone how to play the harp. Item
Mentor - Moor Cowbell-icon.png Mentor : Moor Cowbell 50 25m Instruct someone how to play Moor cowbell. Item
Mentor - Theorbo-icon.png Mentor : Theorbo 44 25m Instruct someone how to play theorbo. Item
  • In Scribe Stance-icon.png Scribe Stance these skills allow the Minstrel to create Instruction manuals for other players.
These manuals do not require the Minstrel and the trainee to be in proximity of each other, as Mentoring does.
For example, Mentor- Horn-icon.png Mentor : Horn becomes Scribe Manual - Horn-icon.png Scribe Manual : Horn, which allows you to create a Manual of the Horn.

The cooldown also extends to 10 days.

Instrument proficiencies

Beorning-icon.png Burglar-icon.png Captain-icon.png Champion-icon.png Guardian-icon.png Hunter-icon.png Lore-master-icon.png Minstrel-icon.png Rune-keeper-icon.png Warden-icon.png
Beorning Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Lore-master Minstrel Rune-keeper Warden
Bagpipes Use-icon.png Bagpipe Use L:25
Basic Cowbell Use-icon.png Basic Cowbell Use
Clarinet Use-icon.png Clarinet Use
Drum Use-icon.png Drum Use L:10
Fiddle Use-icon.png Fiddle Use L:5 L:5 L:5 L:5 L:5 L:5 L:5 L:5 L:5 L:5
Flute Use-icon.png Flute Use
Harp Use-icon.png Harp Use
Horn Use-icon.png Horn Use
Lute Use-icon.png Lute Use
Moor Cowbell Use-icon.png Moor Cowbell Use L:40
Pibgorn Use-icon.png Pibgorn Use
Theorbo Use-icon.png Theorbo Use L:15
• Starting proficiencies
L:? Level you can learn instrument proficiencies