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Level restrictions are in place in higher level regions, which means that if a character's level is too low:

  • Entering the region displays a warning.
  • Under the mini-map, the region name is shown in red.
  • Creatures' aggro range is much wider than usual, including normally non-aggressive creatures.
  • The lower level character cannot be summoned to the region by Captains, Hunters, or by any Mustering Horn.
  • Harvesting of nodes is much slower (60 seconds). Crafting also takes a lot longer than normal.
  • If the character is defeated they will not revive locally but where their Milestone is set.

Note: The increased aggro range does not affect chicken/session players in the case they are at a much lower level than the region as such.

As a general rule the regional (areas within regions if different) minimum level requirement is set by the minimum level requirement of the local Milestone, Camp Site Fire or Mustering Horn.

Minimum level requirements by region

Region Min. Level
The Trollshaws (west of Bruinen river) 15
The Trollshaws (east of Bruinen river) [1] 20
Evendim (east of the lake except Men Erain) [2] 15
Evendim (west of the lake) 20
Evendim (Men Erain) 25
Evendim (Annúminas) 35
The Misty Mountains (west of region) [3] 20
The Misty Mountains (east of region) [4] 25
Angmar (south of West Angmar) [5] 15
Angmar (remainder of West Angmar) 20
Angmar (East Angmar gated by epic quest) [6] 41
Forochel 29
Eregion (north of region) [7] 33
Eregion 35
Enedwaith 40
Moria [8] 45
Lothlórien [9] 45
Dunland (north of region) [10] 46
Dunland (west of region except Dunbog) [11] 47
Dunland (east of region) [12] 48
Dunland (west of region Dunbog) 55
Gap of Rohan 49
Nan Curunír 50
The Great River 50
East Rohan 60
West Rohan 70
Wildermore 70
Western Gondor 85
Central Gondor 85
Eastern Gondor 85
Minas Tirith 85
Old Anórien 85
Osgiliath 85
  1. High Moor, Giant Valley
  2. Barandalf, Parth Aduial and Tyrn Fornech
  3. Bruinen Source West, Bruinen Source North and Bruinen Source East
  4. High Crag, Giant Halls, Northern High Pass and Southern High Pass
  5. Ram Duath and Aughaire
  6. East Angmar has entry gated by the epic quest stage Volume 1, Book 6, Chapter 6: [46] Challenging the Stone (possible to accept at level 41). Level ungated likely to be level 25.
  7. Glad Ereg and Pend Eregion
  8. Gated by Moria entry quest Volume II, Book 1, Chapter 1: [50] Strangers in Hollin (possible to accept at level 45)
  9. Gated by Moria entry quest (actual minimum for Nanduhirion is 39)
  10. Bonevales and Trum Dreng
  11. Pren Gwydh, Galtrev and Starkmoor
  12. Gravenwood and Carreglyn

Note: Levels current as of March 2016.

Blocked areas and regions

Level restrictions may also mean the required level to enter that area at all, so that a lower level character is denied access. This is typically the case for many World Instances, but also: