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Region: Forochel
Area: Talvi-mûri


Halla-kolo is a quest instance in Talvi-mûri in Forochel.

This cave is located at an unknown location within Talvi-mûri. Its name means "icy cave" in Finnish. Characters are brought here during an Epic quest instance. The cave consists of icy passages and frozen waterfalls. It should be mentioned that deeper within the caves hot springs are found, for good and bad. Standing near them for a short period bestow the Hot Spring effect, but staying too long will apply the Overheating effect, causing fire damage. The cave is occupied by the evil men of Angmar, who under the command of Mordrambor, are searching for the lesser ring Narchuil.


LossothF.png Saija




The following creatures are found within this area:
Amarthiel.png Amarthiel
Necromancer.png Mordrambor


Yrjänä revealed the location of a cave where Aearil, the captain of the Elf-ship Thoroval, had long ago taken refuge. The Lossoth seer, Saija, guides the heroes from the South in search of Narchuil... — Instance Text


The frozen central chambers of Halla-kolo Icicles hang from the ceilings in a passage One of several frozen waterfalls within the cave Chest containing a fragment of the lesser ring, Narchuil Walkway behind a frozen waterfall in Halla-kolo

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