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Region: Moria
Area: Durin's Way
Location: [4.1S, 111.2W]

Gloku-ru is a location in Durin's Way{Tooltip Coords|Durin's Way|4.1S|111.2W}}


These ruined workshops and dwellings once housed a family of dwarves who were famous for their skill in crafting wonderous toys in intricate designs if wood and metal. Such simple joys were lost long ago when darkness fell upon Khazad-dûm, and the Orcs came.
Controlled by the Taskmaster of the White Hand, lone Goblins and warg-riders wander throughout Durin's Way. They are especially prominent south and west of Jazârgund. A large contingent of Goblins and bats directed by a mob of conscripted Goblin defenders and captains occupy Gloku-ru, north and east of Mazarbul. This serves as a guard station for Ninknakh Faltor, directly east of the Dwarf gardens of Tharâkh Bazân.