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Frostbluff is a closed region used exclusively by the annual Winter/Yule Festival. It is accessible via Festival Announcer Stable-master located by several cities' stable-masters (Bree, Celondim, Thorin's Gate, Michel Delving), during the Festival. It is not accessible at other times.

"Maps" are also available which will take an individual directly to Winter-home in Frostbluff. These have been distributed as part of the Yule Festival "announcement quest": Yule Festival is Here!
  • Each year a different war steed appearance and horse are available to buy with festival tokens. If you miss out, then you'll have to buy them with Mithril after the event is over.
  • Check the rewards carefully each year. In 2015, Item:Essence Reclamation Scroll are available for tokens. And the choices for cosmetics changes as well.
  • Hobbiton has a quest each year that rewards a Item:Yule-tree
  • You may also learn the various racial dances such as /dance_hobbit and the like during the festival. See Dance of the Races
  • Speaking of Racing... you may also do the horse race quests at this time. See Festival Horse Races
  • You may also work toward The Inn League (Reputation) and The Ale Association Reputations during this time.



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Frostbluff at night Snowmen being built outside Winter-home Fort by the frozen lake in Frostbluff Grims wander over a frozen lake The mushroom tent down the road from Winter-home Mushrooms growing on logs in Frostbluff

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