First Marshal Án

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Freep-icon.png First Marshal Án
First Marshal Án.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Tol Ascarnen
Map ref [17.9S, 16.7W]
Race Dwarf
Type Quest
Difficulty Avenger
Level 130
Morale 336,521
Power 21,601


First Marshal Án's location depends upon which faction holds Tol Ascarnen -- the Coldfells Army (Freeps) or by the Army of Angmar (Creeps).

If the Free Peoples hold Tol Ascarnen, he cannot be found. Occasionally he may stay for some reason after he has helped capture the keep, but this is rare.

If the Army of Angmar holds Tol Ascarnen, he will be located at the small Elf Camp [16.9S, 19.4W], atop the hill across the West Tol Ascarnen Bridge in the Steps of Gram.

He will have the following quest available to help retake Tol Ascarnen.


Quests started

Target of Quests


He seems to be of less use in a fight than his Angmar counterpart, Tyrant Uzulthrang, perhaps because of the difference in classification, with Án being Avenger and Uzulthrang being Arch-nemesis. He is still a good help in taking the keep, although he can often be a hindrance due to his desperation to kill everything.


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