Festival Horse Races

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The Bree Derby

Each festival brings exciting horse races to The Shire Race-track and the Bree-land Festival Grounds. By completing a race in time, players can win festival tokens which can be exchanged for festival rewards.


The Race

To begin the race, choose one of the mounts lined up at the starting line appropriate for your race. Gallop around the track as fast as you can avoiding obstacles along the way. Navigate the narrow platforms over the sticky mires for an extra boost of speed, but if you fall into the mucky water, your steed loses much of its speed. Complete the race before time runs out to select your reward. If you do not reach the end in time and fail the quest, you will need to wait one hour for the quest to become available once more (the retry timers are separate for each race track). To finish the race in time, you must successfully navigate at least one of the 2 wood platform jumps on a track.

TIP: If your computer is not the most powerful and you sometimes get graphic stuttering, turn your graphic settings to the absolute minimum before trying the quest. Also learn to steer with your mouse instead of keyboard for finer control. You can practice as much as you want before attempting the quest.

Effects during the race

Movement 1 (buff)-icon.png Fleet-footed


LOTRO Anniversary Celebration

Spring Festival

Farmers Faire

Harvest Festival

Yule Festival


Festival tokens appropriate for the festival, which can be used to barter for mounts and other goodies. Refer to the festival traders for items.

Special Events

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Annual events: Bilbo & Frodo's BirthdayThe Tale of the Shipwrecked MarinersLOTRO Anniversary Celebration
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Summer Festival