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Featured Instance Mechanics

Featured Instances were added with Update 18 and are available to players with characters of level 100 and above.

Every week, changing at Monday 10:00 am /servertime (Eastern time zone), a specific scaling instance (or raid) from LOTRO's old favorites is featured in the Instance Join panel. Characters level 100 and higher can launch it through the Instance Join panel Specific Tab.

Each instance can be run daily at level 100-104 and at level 115.
In addition to the regular loot from the instance chests (such as a chance for remembrance crystals, star-lit crystals, relics and fixed-stat scaled gear), each of the two runs has a specific featured quest associated with the instance, one for level 100-104, and another for level 115.
Completing the quest will award extra rewards for completing the listed instance, resetting daily at 03:00 am /servertime. (The quests can additionally be reset with Mithril Coin, as well.)

The quest reward from a level 100-104 run is a Item:Grey Box of Ancient Spoils. For a 105 run the quest reward is a <Colour> Box of Ancient Spoils with the colour depending on the instance. These boxes contain similar loot as the grey box and additionally have a chance to drop specific two-slot essence armour or jewellery.

Initially the challenge chests for any of the instances regardless of the current featured one, had a chance to also drop one or a few pieces of equipment from the featured instance set or jewellery. They were completely randomly rewarded out of the entire sets and not restricted to the classes that were actually in the group. This dropchance was removed in U18.2.

A complete description of the Featured Instance mechanic is contained in an April 2016 Dev Diary by "EdgeCase."


Featured Instance Rotation

The Featured Instance rotation follows a six-week roster. The weekly instance changes at Monday 10:00 am /servertime (Eastern time zone), and the quests reset daily at daily at 03:00 am /servertime. On Monday it is possible to do the daily quests twice without using Mithril Coin to reset them: once after the daily reset time but before weekly rotation time, and again after the instance changes.

The list of instances in the rotation has changed several times after its introduction, with U18.2, U19, U19.1.1, U20, U21 and U22.

This is the roster of instances featured as of U22, and the daily box they reward at 115:

Featured Instance U22 Box Reward U21 U20 U19.1.1 U19 U18.2 U18
Sâri-surma Red Gift Box 2-icon.png Crimson Box of Ancient Spoils Sammath Gûl Glinghant Fornost: Wraith of Water Fornost: Wraith of Water Sammath Gûl Sammath Gûl
Ost Elendil Green Gift Box-icon.png Malachite Box of Ancient Spoils Dungeons of Dol Guldur Fornost: Wraith of Earth Haudh Valandil Haudh Valandil Dungeons of Dol Guldur Ost Elendil
Webs of the Scuttledells Marigold Box-icon.png Marigold Box of Ancient Spoils Halls of Night Seat of the Great Goblin Northcotton Farm Northcotton Farm Halls of Night Halls of Night
Northcotton Farm Lavish Gift Box-icon.png Amethyst Box of Ancient Spoils Stoneheight Sword-hall of Dol Guldur Iorbar's Peak Iorbar's Peak Stoneheight Inn of the Forsaken
Ost Dunhoth (Wound and Fear wing) Black Gift Box 2-icon.png Obsidian Box of Ancient Spoils Barad Guldur Barad Guldur Ost Dunhoth (Disease and Poison wing) Helegrod: Drake Wing Helegrod: Drake Wing Ost Dunhoth (Wound and Fear wing)
The Bells of Dale Blue Gift Box 2-icon.png Azure Box of Ancient Spoils Lost Temple Lost Temple Sâri-surma Sâri-surma The Bells of Dale The Bells of Dale

Featured Quest Reward Summary

All boxes of ancient spoils (grey and coloured ones) always contain:

They almost always contain:

They frequently contain:

They rarely contain:

In addition, the level 105 coloured boxes also rarely contain:

  • Might-based Medium Armour Box-icon.png North Ithilien Essence Box (added in U19)
  • A class-appropriate equipment piece from the featured instance sets or a two-slot essence jewellery piece:

You are also able to swap a Class-appropriate featured instance armour piece if you already have it with the Quartermaster - Featured Instance Rewards Vendor who can be found in the following locations in Middle-earth:

Featured Loot Barter

Long-lost Coin-icon.png Long-lost Coins can be traded to the Quartermaster (Featured Instance Rewards Vendor)s around the world for the same kind of essence equipment as can drop from the level 105 reward boxes, as wel as tier 8 essence recipes.


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