Dol Acharn

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Dol Acharn
Type: Enemy encampment
Region: The Wastes
Area: Dagorlad
Location: [31.0S, 1.8W]
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Dol Acharn (Sindarin for Hill of Vengeance) is a point of interest located within the area of Dagorlad in the Wastes. [31.0S, 1.8W]

This settlement is haunted by the Wainriders and upon approach your are beset with:

These effects are eliminated once you complete Blood of Númenor


  • Faramir's tale of the Wainriders
Faramir, son of Ondohler
'If you are to survive long in these lnds, <class>, you must first learn the history of the Wainriders as I and my father once did.
'The hatred between Gondor and the Wainriders is a tale of fathers and sons. Our lands were stolen and reclaimed throguh the passing of the years, but the Wainriders shaped the line of kings in a way that no other foe could equal.
'After losing his own father to their hordes, King Calimehtar, father of my father, rode against the Wainriders in vengeance. With the help of the North-men, he devastated their ranks, broke their wains and chariots, and slew them upon the hill to the east - a hill which came to be known as Dol Acharn. Such a victory brought peace to Gondor for many years, and Calimehtar never again had to contend with the Wainriders before his death.
'Peace, such as it is, is always short-lived. Calimehtar's son and my father, King Ondoher, was forced to meet them in battle. Alas, you are aware of the loss Gondor suffered as a result.
'Artamir here has told me much of the days that followed the King's death as well as my own. He tells me that the Wainriders made camp to the southwest, but were ambushed and slim to the last by a vast army under command of a man named Eärnil. He claims that Eärnil soon became king of Gondor, even in the fact of the claim made by my sister's husband, King Arvedui of Arthedail. What tales he has told me of these new days...


The Quest Chain that leads to completing the Deeds below starts with Mablung which is in Camp of the Host [40.0S, 10.6W].

The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


The quests of Ondoher's Folly and Dol Acharn are intertwined.



Tham Durlan


Ondoher's Folly

Artamir or Faramir, son of Ondoher
Faramir, son of Ondoher



Mílgamel quests

Small Ranger Camp

These quests unlocks in sets if 3. Turning in one quest from a set unlocks the next set. Completing this quest chain will unlock the final quests needed to unlock the fellowship crafting instances. The final quests are listed under The Slag-hills.
Note: If you only want to unlock the crafting instances, you simply need the sequence The Escape -> The War-party -> The War-leaders, and can ignore the other Lang Rhuven quests.