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  • Cannot move or act. Damage will end this state.
  • Duration: ...s

Combat Relationship

Examples of enemies that can cause this effect include:

Skill Relationship

Some of the skills that can invoke this effect on an enemy target (unless immune) include:


Provoke-icon.png Provoke with Double Down traited: duration 10-60s, depending on the gamble tier, 1 target.
Riddle-icon.png Riddle / Improved Riddle-icon.png Improved Riddle: duration 30s, 1 target.


Dazing Blow-icon.png Dazing Blow / Dazing Blow-icon.png Improved Dazing Blow: duration 5s, 1 target.
Distracting Shot-icon.png Distracting Shot: duration 10s; 30s with Explosive Arrow equipped, 1 target.


Bane Flare-icon.png Bane Flare: duration 15s, 3 targets; 5 targets with 2 traits in The Ancient Master line, up to 10 with a legacy.
Blinding Flash-icon.png Blinding Flash: duration 30s; 20s with 3, 5s with 4 traits in the Master of Nature's Fury line, 1 target.


Song of Subdual-icon.png Song of Subdual: duration 30s, 1 target.


Armour of Storm-icon.png Armour of Storm (reflect effect upon incoming melee damage): duration 5s, 1 target.
Shocking Touch-icon.png Shocking Touch: duration 5-10s; 10-15s with Confounding Principles equipped, 1 target.
Vivid Imagery-icon.png Vivid Imagery / Perfect Imagery (Skill)-icon.png Perfect Imagery: duration 5-10s, 3 targets; 10-15s and 5 targets with Perfect Imagery.


Boar's Rush-icon.png Boar's Rush (on critical hit): duration 5s, 1 target.
The Boot-icon.png The Boot (on critical hit): duration 5s, 1 target.