Dáin Ironfoot

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Dáin Ironfoot
Image of Dáin Ironfoot
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799
Settlement Amdân, the Threshold
Map Ref [63.4N, 135.0W]


Dáin II Ironfoot was the son of Náin Orcsfoe and grandson of Grór, the Lord of the Iron Hills. Named for his ancestor Dáin I, who was slain by Vethúg Wintermind at Thikil-gundu long ago, this Dáin earned the name Ironfoot at the Battle of Azanulbizar, the culmination of the Sixth War of Dwarves and Orcs. He was a close friend of Hermáth Stormhammer, encouraging Hermáth to record a detailed account of the battle and contributing his own recollections to Hermáth's work. Dáin eventually succeeded his grandfather as Lord of the Iron Hills and led the Iron-folk to Erebor during the Battle of Five Armies, after which Dáin became King Under the Mountain. It was Dáin who commanded the Iron Garrison to Moria. Dáin had two sons, Náin, who became Lord of the Iron Hills, and Thorin, who followed Dáin as King Under the Mountain after the Battle of Dale at the end of the War of the Ring.

Dáin can be found in Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799 at several places on and around the battlefield, starting at Amdân, the Threshold.

Quest Involvement