Cursed Stone

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Cursed Stone
Cursed Stone-1.jpg
Level: 100
Region: Central Gondor
Area: Dâr Matum

Type: Normal
Genus: Object
Species: Siegecraft

Morale: 30,875
Power: 1,349
Advanced Stats


Cursed stones are found at various locations in the Ringló Vale in Central Gondor. They are normally accompanied by two Ruthless Undead (Ruthless Archers and/or Ruthless Warriors). After defeating the accompanying Undead, the stone itself can be defeated. Often when the Stone is defeated, another undead will appear. Each Stone has 30,875 Morale 1,349 Power and emits an aura of +1 Dread.

Possible spawning locations include:

Quest Involvement

This requires completion of the quests: A Commanding Knock and Arvaethor's Patrol.

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