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The Arrow or Options menu
Introduced in Update 14.2 The Dead Marshes, Collections track the many Cosmetic Pets, Emotes, Mounts, and Stable-masters a character has unlocked, and the reward Titles available for completing the various themed collections.
  • The Collections panel is accessed via the Arrow menu Option-UI-4.jpg on the left of your UI Tool Bar or Control + C (Note: this is Control-Shift-C)
The Collections Panels provides a preview of the appearance of the each cosmetic pet, mount or emote, as well as information on acquiring them - be it Barter, Deed, Hidden Deed, quest or purchase from the LOTRO Store.
  • The skill to summon each collected pet or mount or to execute an emote can be dragged to a quickslot bar.
The Pet display is selected by clicking on the "cat profile" Collections-pets-icon.png in the upper left corner.
The Mount display is selected by clicking on the "horse head proflie" Collections-mounts-icon.png in the upper left corner.
  • Update 17.2 added Emotes to the Collections panel. This panel displays ALL of the emotes available in the game.
The Emote display is selected by clicking on the "quotation marks bubble" Collections-emotes-icon.png in the upper left corner.
The green bar across the top of the panel shows how many total emotes there are, and how many your character has obtainted.
Emotes are listed in alphabetical order left-to right, top to bottom.
Emotes which the particular character has obtained, either by completing some in-game deed or quest, or purchased from the in-game store, are highlighted.
You can order emotes in a number of different displays by selecting the tic-boxes on the left.
When you click on an emote, the small character portrait in the upper left will show you the animation (if any) which is executed by that emote. To determine if an animation applies when mounted, click on the appropriate tic-box to the left.
Beneath the portrait will be an explanation of the source of the emote - be it a hidden deed or purchaseable from the in-game store.
Collections Pop-up
The Stable-masters display is selected by clicking on the "horse head proflie" Collections-Stable-icon.png in the upper left corner.

Pets Pop-up

Pet Collections

Collections Pets-2.jpg

Fowl Collection

Available in Hobnanigans by barter or chance.

Title: Houser of Hens


Friendly Frogs

Available for barter in The Dead Marshes or Central Gondor.

Title: Lady/Lord of the Croaking Host


Grim Friends

Available for barter in the Yule Festival.

Title: Keeper of Grim Company


Huorns of Fangorn

Available in West Fangorn by barter or chance.

Title: Tender of the Shifting Woods


Shrewd Companions

Available in the Spring Festival.

Title: The Merciful Boot


Swans of West Gondor

Available in West Gondor by barter.

Title: Honourary Swan-knight


Treasure Hunters

Available in the Treasure Hunt event by barter.

Title: Foreman/Forewoman


Mount Collections

Mounts Pop-up
Collections Mounts-2.jpg

Spring in Your Step

Available in the Spring Festival.

Title: Spring in Her/His Step



Available in the Summer Festival.

Title: Sun-strider


Autumn Adventurer

Available in the Fall Festival.

Title: Rustler of Fallen Leaves


Winter Rider

Available in the Winter Festival.

Title: Snow-strider


Treasure Mounts

Title: Wandering Vault-keeper


Rider of Rohan

Available for barter when Kindred with West Rohan factions.

Title: Rider of Rohan


Rider of the Free Peoples

Complete Reputation meta-deeds.

Title: Rider of the Free Peoples


Veteran of the Third Age

Available in the LOTRO Store.

Title: Veteran of the Third Age


2013 Festival Steeds

Available for barter during Festivals in 2013.

Title: The Joyful Rider


2014 Festival Steeds

2015 Festival Steeds


Emotes Pop-up
Collections Emotes-2.jpg
See Emotes for details.
Collections Emotes-3.jpg


Original Stable-master Pop-up
Stable-masters Collection: The Stable-masters collection displays all Stable-masters you have discovered, and helps you find those you have yet to discover! Each Stable-master location provides travel options, available destinations, and a link to the game map. The Stable-master Collection makes getting around Lord of the Rings Online even easier!
  • The following "Known Issue" was posted by Cordovan immediately after the hotfix release 13 July 2016):
"None of the available actions in the Stable-master Collection are functioning, and some text is not appearing correctly. We are working on a hotfix to address this issue.
Fixed an issue that prevented travel and show map buttons from working correctly.
Fixed Area and Region labels.
The Stable-master map button is now shown in interior spaces.
Wulf's Cleft Overlook can now be discovered.
Byre Tor is no longer labeled as Walstow.


Revised Stable-master Pop-up
  • The map can be expanded beyond its default size by dragging the lower right corner.
  • The top green bar shows your Discovered Locations and the count of total locations. (Currently 164 as of 18.2)
  • Discovered locations are marked witha gold filled-in circle.
  • Un-discovered locations - those you have not yet visited - are marked with a simple circle.
  • Significant travel hubs are marked with a Green star. These are hubs with multiple long-distance connections.
  • Mousing over a travel location will show its name.
  • Clicking upon the location will bring up information about it in the left margin of the map.
  • Travel to a discovered location can be accomplished directly from the map for 2 Mithril Coin 
  • Travel to an un-discovered location can be accomplished directly from the map for 5 Mithril Coin 
(Undiscovered locations in new content are not available for travel this way.)
  • Clicking "Show Map" will bring up the normal game map for the location of the travel destination.
A link exists on the main maps to display the collections Stable-master pannel:
Stable-master display link from Main Map.
Stable-master display, expanded.