Update 14.2 - The Dead Marshes - September 15, 2014

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Update 14.2 - Release Notes

Of Special Note

The Dead Marshes

  • The Steward of Gondor has sent Artamir, son of Ilcamir, to the Dead Marshes on a mysterious errand. Unfriendly eyes have tracked him to that vile swamp, and your quest is to hurry him on before his presence causes great mischief to another important mission…

  • Did Frodo and Sam come this way? After concluding Artamir’s story, engage in a sessionplay experience to learn what befell the two hobbits as they crossed the Dead Marshes in the company of their treacherous guide…

Collection system

  • Track your collections of steeds, pets, even different chickens and other objects throughout all of Middle-earth!

Quests, Tasks & Deeds


  • Lamedon - Negotiations - If a player leaves the tavern after accepting Negotiations but before completing the instance, they can now re-enter the tavern.
  • Blackroot Vale - Madness Under the Mountain - The monster summoned at the end of this quest will no longer become stuck as an NPC.
  • Dol Amroth
  • Retaking Dol Amroth - Supplies from the Sea - Quest item is no longer stuck in another object.

  • Dol Amroth - The Corsair Croup - All players that have tapped the target can now use the Sick Corsair.



  • Traits - Roll the Dice now gives Melee Critical Chance rather than Tactical Damage at Rank 6


  • Traits - Rank 2 of Strength in Numbers now properly indicates that it adds a 2nd HoT.
  • Skills - Revealing Mark, Noble Mark, Telling Mark, and Shield of the Dunedain skills now share icons with the traits that grant them.


  • Traits - Break Ranks will now trigger off of Shield-smash instead of Shield-bash
  • "To the Rescue" Rank 6 should properly cause Guardian's Ward to crit
  • Juggernaut Buffs will no longer accidentally appear in the debuff bar
  • Take to Heart properly works on enemies who were previously affected by Radiate

Game Systems & Engine

Skirmish Soldiers & Traits

  • Players should now get appropriate errors when trying to set your class specialization while talking to a skirmish trait manager.
  • Players should now get appropriate tooltips/errors when interacting with Race and Virtue traits while talking to a Skirmish Trait Manager
  • Many of the traits for Skirmish Soldiers have been increased across all of their ranks. Soldier DPS has increased and any Ultimate skills that do damage now have a non-common damage type (as noted in the tool-tip now). Soldiers are more effective now, as most of their traits have increased.
  • Skirmish soldiers can now be trained up to rank 50 (increased from 45). To unlock these ranks players will need to purchase the “Skirmish Trait Max Rank: 50” item available in the store.

Items & Loot

General Items & Loot

  • Skirmish:
  • Changed the cost for the level 65-95 IA Upgrade Legacy offers.
  • The level 65/75/85 Symbols of the Elder King offers by the skirmish NPC no longer require the Erebor Challenge Deed.
  • Knocking down more prices for bartered skirmish items. This time the Seals requirement has been removed from the Big Battle jewelry vendor.
  • West Fangorn - Items - Cosmetic Pet Huorns are now available for barter for 375 Fangorn Leaves each.
  • The Moria Geode is now a housing decoration item available from the Iron Garrison
  • The Essence Reclamation Scroll has been added to the loot tables as a very rare drop, as well as the loot tables used by Burglars when they pick-pocket from monsters.
  • Removed the chance of getting a level 100 First Age Symbol from the Tier 1 Ost Dunhoth instance.
  • Items: Gondorian Guardsman (Level 100) items offered by the Skirmish barter NPC now have a min-level of 100, instead of 95.

NPC's, Mobs & Combat

  • NPCs: A small change was made to how often NPCs play their idle emotes. Instead of a minimum delay of 3 seconds and a max delay of 7 seconds there's now a 5 second and 9 second delay, respectively. This change also affects how often player pets play their idle emotes.
  • The effect, Affliction through Shadow, can now be cured as a fear effect.



  • West Fangorn - Rewards - Quickbeam now offers Fangorn Housing items for barter
  • The Dead Marshes – Heroes near the level cap should speak to Dorthaneth in the Cave of the Avorrim to begin their exploration of the Dead Marshes.


  • The Legendary Item Services item has been updated to have a min usage level of 51. This is to resolve an issue with this item producing the intro-to-Item Advancement items for level 50 players, which have only 15 level of advancement.

Miscellaneous & Bug Fixes

  • The game launcher now has the option to "preload" the client_gamelogic.dat files. This functionality is enabled by default if you have 2GB+ of memory. It can be disabled in the game launcher options. (It's called: "Pre-cache gamelogic") When enabled the game should launch faster for many users.
  • Combat States - Immunity - Combat State Immunities will now affect roots.
  • Fixed a problem with examination of skills which apply effects via a hotspot, for example the Lore-master Ring of Fire skill.
  • Mithril Coin Confirmation Dialog (such as for instant travel to an objective) should now remember its last position across login sessions.
  • Monster corpses should no longer show quest rings until decay unless they have a Quest Action available.
  • Bags that are resized below 5 columns across will now retain their sizes between logins instead of reverting back to the default 5 columns.
  • Tooltips for secondaries listed in the Battles panel will no longer be cut off.
  • Players should no longer be able to obtain the Lamedon turtle in their inventories when working on quest “Turtles in the Depths”
  • Hovering over items in the wardrobe no longer shows stats for the item, since the item is there just for its cosmetic appearance.