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Class Quests

  1. Level 15
  2. Level 30
  3. Level 50 (available at 45) -- The Wisest Way Quests -- Completing this Quest Chain earns one Class Trait Point
    1. The Wisest Way is Contemplation
    2. A Lesson from Lord Elrond
  4. Level 58 - The Path of the Ancient Master Quests
    1. Path of the Ancient Master
    2. Beacon of Hope
    3. Share the Power
    4. Knowledge of the Lore-master
    5. Light of the Rising Dawn - Optional - Fellowship

Non-combat Pets

Quests to acquire the ability to have non-combat Pets.
Level 29, listed as solo but actually Fellowship unless high enough for Agamaur to have greyed out. Book 2 must be completed before these quests can be started.

  1. Friend of Hares
  2. Friend of Turtles
  3. Friend of Sparrows