Call to Greatness

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Call to Greatness-icon.png
 Call to Greatness
  • Skill Type: Buff
  • You call out to your fellows, inspiring them to Greatness for 15s.

    Beorning: Hearten and Biting Edge recover twice as quickly.

    Burglar: +15% Damage to positional attack skills and Surprise Strike recovers in 5 seconds.

    Captain: Gains an Enemy Defeat Response and gains the Battle-readied state every 5 seconds.

    Champion: Restores Power over time and gains 2 Fervour initially, then 1 Fervour every 5 seconds.

    Guardian: Increased Max Morale and Healing from Warrior's Heart. + Block /Parry Rating.

    Hunter: +10% Ranged Damage, +3 Focus and +2 Focus every 5 seconds.

    Lore-master: Reduced chance for enemies to resist blinding flash, and cooldown is reduced by 10s.

    Minstrel: +10% Outgoing Healing and Chord of Salvation recovers 5 seconds faster.

    Rune-keeper: -10% Power Costs and Steady Hands recovers in 5 seconds.

    Warden: +5% Damage and Masteries recover in 5 seconds.

  • Effects applied to the Fellowship within 25 metres:

  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 1m 30s

General Information

Class: Minstrel

Unlocked by the trait Call to Greatness in The Protector of Song tree.


Using this skill enables the fellowship to use an ability every 5 seconds or boosts their damage and healing.

Effect Description
Beorning Hearten (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Hearten and Biting Edge (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Biting Edge have their cooldowns reduced by half.
Burglar +15% damage to positional attack skills. Surprise Strike-icon.png Surprise Strike is recovered every 5 seconds.
Captain Grants a defeat event. Grants the Battle-readied-icon.png Battle-readied state every 5 seconds.
Champion Restores power and grants 2 Fervour. Grants 1 Fervour every 5 seconds.
Guardian Increased morale and healing from Warrior's Heart-icon.png Warrior's Heart
Hunter +10% ranged damage and grants 3 Focus initially. Grants 2 Focus every 5 seconds.
Lore-master Reduced chance for enemies to resist Blinding Flash-icon.png Blinding Flash. Reduced cooldown by 10s.
Minstrel +10% to healing done. Recovers Chord of Salvation-icon.png Chord of Salvation 5 seconds faster.
Rune-keeper −10% power consumption. Recovers Steady Hands-icon.png Steady Hands every 5 seconds.
Warden +5% damage. Masteries recover in 5 seconds.