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Buzun-ghâr deep down
Map of Buzun-ghâr


Buzun-ghâr is a location in Durin's Way. The campsite that Orvar, Nimpheleg, and Corunothiel occupy is called "Lossathrod."


Buzun-ghâr is found in the south east corner of Tharâkh Bazân [4.3S, 108.6W]

Quest Involvement



The following creatures are found within these borders:


Buzun-ghâr is a cave which is inhabited by globsnaga orcs and perhaps by something even more evil. The elves from Lórien who were asked for help by the dwarves have a bad feeling about the place. The first part of the cave looks green and blooming, with all sorts of plants growing around. But what can be found deep down? Be sure to talk to these elves: they can be found near the entrance, next to a cosy campfire.

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