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This page aims to give an overview of the state of Lore-master class information on the Lotro-wiki.

To do

  • Clean up / bring up to date Sandboxes:
  • User:Ravanel/Sandbox2 (LM data gathering instructions) needs to be double checked for accuracy due to in-game changes.
  • Information on User:Ravanel/Sandbox4 (Temporary storage of LM values) needs to be processed on the relevant skill pages.
  • Missing Lore-master legacy rank costs found in User:Ravanel/Sandbox5 need to be collected from the game.
  • Implement changes from update 22.2.
  • Check if all Lore-master changes with RoR are implemented.
  • All lore-master pet pages need to be updated to reflect meta changes due to the ability to summon pets in combat.
  • Lore-master pet flank rates need to be double checked. Comprehensive Lore-master Guide by Dstini (2016) suggests that they have been changed after my original testing; however, the testing periods may not be long enough to provide statistically significant data.
  • Power of Knowledge: needs to tell that there is an improved version available at level 80.
  • Improved Power of Knowledge: Tactical Information need to be adapted to tell the difference with the previous skill.
  • Pet levels: Look up eagle and lurker levels in-game and update their articles. Sandbox directions for pet skill values need to be updated.
  • Knowledge of the Past: amount of power restored has been changed to 49.5-55 power. All lore-master skill pages need to be adapted.
  • Sticky Gourd and Improved Sticky Gourd: check if pages state that they cannot miss and cannot be evaded. Changed with past update.
  • Mounted combat skills: check how they are arranged under "Skills" in-game and change this accordingly on the Lore-master Skills page.
  • Water-lore: needs expansion of Tactical Information.
  • Warding Lore & Warding Knowledge: need a picture of the pink circle; information that the green one is no longer in the game should be added to the existing image. See Talk:Warding Lore.
  • Values: print them and add them to all lore-master skill pages.
  • Share the Power/Share the Power - Fellowship: looks like the Healer trait bug has been fixed (at least for power cost on Share the Power - Fellowship). Need to check if the same is the case for Share the Power and if induction and healing are increased correctly by it as well.
  • Sign of Power: Command: check power cost formula in-game. It seems off.

Future Lore-master research

When do the bear (L1) and the raven (L15) learn their skills nowadays?
Update: A L29 lore-master confirmed their eagle and lurker having all 3 pet skills unlocked. (Ravanel (talk) 20:02, 22 April 2016 (UTC))
Update: Mogafi's L50 lore-master's spirit of nature (L40) has all 3 pet skills unlocked. See Talk:Nature's Light. --Ravanel (talk) 17:20, 26 April 2016 (UTC)
Update: Marinka's L24 lore-master: bear doesn't have Bear Hug. Raven, Eagle and Bog-lurker have all skills unlocked.--Ravanel (talk) 19:51, 26 April 2016 (UTC)
  • Pet damage and flank rate: The auto-attack damage and flank rate of pets needs to be retested, as significant changes have been made with RoR. All pet pages will have to be evaluated and updated accordingly.

Historical developments

Lore-master changes with HD

  • New legacies (see User:Ravanel/Sandbox5).
  • New trait trees
  • New trait line bonuses
  • New skills
  • New levels at which skills are bestowed
  • Pets hit a lot harder (but will also be nerfed a bit in the future)

This meant that basically everything concerning Lore-masters needed to be revised.
See also: Player Guide Class Changes: Summary Lore-master.

Lore-master changes with RoR