Improved Sticky Gourd

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Improved Sticky Gourd
  • 25m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Max Targets: 5
  • Radius: 5m
  • Induction: 1s
  • Skill Type: Fire
  • Smashes the foe with burning pitch, dealing fire damage and burning the target with damage-over-time.
  • ... Fire Damage
  • ... Fire Damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.
  • ... Fire Damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Cost: [202 at Level 150] Power
  • Cooldown: 30s

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Trait tree: Master of Nature's Fury

Rank needed: 20 (set bonus Liquid Fire)

This skill replaces  Sticky Gourd.


This skill applies Sticky Gourd to its targets and tiers up the  Burning Embers DoT on its targets (this is the second effect in the tooltip).


The trait Master of Fire in the Master of Nature's Fury tree increases the damage of this skill by 15%.

Tactical Information

The skill is a big improvement compared with the untraited  Sticky Gourd: it deals much higher base damage and tiers up the Burning Embers DoT on up to 5 enemies.