Tyrant Durgrat

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Tyrant Durgrat
Faction Creep
Location Dâr-gazag
Map ref [17.0S, 22.4W]
Race Uruk
Type Combat
Difficulty Arch-nemesis
Level 150
Morale 118,048,800
Power 1,948,000


Tyrant Durgrat is the commander of Dâr-gazag in the Ettenmoors. He is flanked by two chieftains, in the deepest room of the ruins. He is immune to slows.

Target of Quest


Deed Involvement

Tyrant Durgrat is one of the six leaders targeted by the freep deed Tyrants of the Enemy.


Durgrat is a former War-tyrant. He and Gúrhardron led the initial push into the Ettenmoors. Durgrat was the less powerful, and Gúrhardron was considered the leader of the Army. When Angmar first moved into the Ettenmoors and Gúrhardron established Gramsfoot, Durgrat was sent with part of the army to take and hold the former stronghold of evil, Dâr-gazag. This fortress provided the Angmarim with a large strategical advantage and became their second permanent base within the contested lands. While Durgrat was taking the keep, Gúrhardron marched from Gramsfoot with the majority of the remaining strength of Angmar, and in one fell push he destroyed the garrisons of the Free Peoples at Lugazag and Tol Ascarnen and claimed them for the False King. He returned to Gramsfoot at the same time as Durgrat and the two feasted over the flesh of the enemies they had defeated. Despite this great victory, Mordirith was not satisfied. He believed it was imperative to establish a hold over the vast underground travel network that provided swift travel across the Ettenmoors, The Delving of Fror. He commanded Gúrhardron to lead a force into the cave network and claim it for Angmar. While this proved to be the last command ever given to Gúrhardron, Mordirith needed a new War-tyrant above ground. The fearsome Akúlhun was chosen for this honour and Mordirith decided that he was to be the only War-tyrant and given full command. Durgrat was not happy with this decision, but his respect for Akúlhun and his fighting prowess won him over, and Durgrat remains Akúlhun's faithful second in command to this day.