Quest:Tol Fennas - The Corsair Croup

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Quest:Tol Fennas - The Corsair Croup
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Glíreth
Starts at Dol Amroth
Start Region Western Gondor
Map Ref [75.3S, 71.3W]
Ends with Glíreth
Ends at Dol Amroth
End Region Western Gondor
Map Ref [75.1S, 71.3W]
Quest Group Dol Amroth - City Watch - Armoury
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The corsairs from the south have a diet very different from ours. Their ailments are different as well. Some of the ones we have spotted have looked very sick, in a way that troubles me.

'The sick at Makham Hosh, the hunting camp, could do great harm. If they were to be eaten by the bears of the island, the disease could lie dormant, waiting to strike until we ate the bear next winter.

'Find the sick ones at the hunting camp, dispatch them, and then treat their bodies with this lacquer; it should prevent the disease from spreading to any animals or plants.'

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Some of the corsairs at the hunting camp are diseased. Once defeated, their bodies must be treated to protect the local flora and fauna.

Objective 1

  • Defeat and treat sick corsairs (0/6)

Sick corsairs are at the Makham Hosh, the hunting camp on the west side of Tol Fennas.

Glireth asked you to defeat the sick corsairs at the hunting camp and treat the bodies. A boat in the harbour of Dol Amroth can take you to Tol Fennas.

Objective 2

  • Speak with Glíreth

Glíreth can be found in Dol Amroth.

Glíreth will be pleased to hear the sick corsairs have been cleansed.

'We will have to be vigilant in our application of this lacquer, but if we are, I feel our safety from the corsair diseases is assured.'