Quest:Pelts to Warm the Way

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Pelts to Warm the Way
Level 117
Type Solo
Starts with Rúzat
Starts at The Dale-lands
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Map Ref [26.9N, 30.4W]
Ends with Rúzat
Ends at Dôm Goru
End Region Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Map Ref [33.1N, 38.6W]
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Ered Mithrin
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, but it is cold out here! Refreshing - and yet even a dwarf might shiver under his whiskers! We have food now, but we cannot carry a fire with us as we go. What is needed is something warm to wear. Pelts!

'You might win some off the beasts that hide in the valleys. Wolf and lath-bear pelts would be warm indeed! Will you gather the pelts and meet me at the Dôm Goru?'


Help Rúzat gather warm pelts for the Zhélruka so they may stay warm up in the mountain paths.

Objective 1

You should collect wolf and lath-bear pelts in the valleys of Ered Mithrin.

Rúzat: 'Gather pelts from the wolves and lath-bears around here and then meet me in Dôm Goru, a way-camp we have made near to the road.'

Objective 2

You should bring the pelts to Rúzat, who can be found at Dôm Goru in Ered Mithrin.

'How vúchut! These pelts are just the thing! You have done much. I will make sure these pelts get to only the coldest dwarves!'