Quest:Instance: Caverns of Thrumfall

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Instance: Caverns of Thrumfall
Level Scaling
Type Solo/Duo
Repeatable Yes
Starts at Instance Finder
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Remnants of the Grey Realm
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Deep within the recesses of the Stormwall lie ancient passages and twisted tunnels, concealing the whereabouts of Etterfang Foulmaw and her restless horde. Only the dwarf Drengur has seen the venomous beast and lived to tell the tale."


Deep within the recesses of the Stormwall, lie ancient passages and twisted tunnels, concealing the whereabouts of Etterfang Foulmaw.

Objective 1

  • Clear the entrance to the Spider Tunnels

Clear the entrance to the Spider Tunnels.

The path ahead is blocked by flame
The beast does not seem to notice you yet
Hrithkól says, "Raaaawr!"
Hrithkól says, "Ssssss!"
Hrithkól says, "Rawr!"

Objective 2

  • Secure the path leading to Etterfang

Secure the path leading to Etterfang.

Drengur says, "<name>!"
Drengur says, "Etterfang's brood follows us from Stormwall!"
Drengur says, "We will hold them off here while you delve further into the spider caverns."
Drengur says, "We will follow your lead soon enough, for I would not miss the chance at defeating Etterfang!"
Strange spiders gather in the caverns ahead.
Fell Glass-spider says, "Why do you trespass in our realm?!"
Fell Glass-spider says, "She does not call to us?"
Fell Glass-spider says, "The brood is stronger!"
Spider Shade says, "There is nothing you can do to halt the webs!"
Spider Shade says, "Our mother awaits you!"
Spider Shade says, "Do you hear the call of Ungwetári?!"
Spider Shade says, "Ungwetári, I hear you!"
Spider Shade says, "Ungol...."
Flame blocks the path ahead, protecting Etterfang
Askurth says, "Who enters the nest?!"
Askurth says, "Leave the nest!"
Askurth says, "I must protect the nest!"
Askurth says, "Ugh!"
Defeated Askurth!
With the drake-nest cleared, the path to Etterfang is now clear.

Objective 3

Find and defeat Etterfang Foulmaw.

The path ahead must lead towards Etterfang.
Drengur says, "Hold for a moment, <name>!"
Drengur says, "Listen closely. Etterfang still slumbers."
Drengur says, "It is possible that we could take the dragon by surprise."
Drengur says, "Just as the Dwarf, Borin, attempted those many years ago."
Drengur says, "Now, my Zhélruka brothers. Let us best this beast...."
Zhélruka Warrior says, "We are with you."
Drengur says, "We attack on your word, <name>."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "Did you really think you could sneak up on me?"
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "I heard you scuffing and thumping through my caves since first you entered them."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "If you have come for my hoard, you have come for naught."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "Worse than naught, for your reward is my wakened wrath."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "Dragon fire will rain down!"
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "How well I remember Scatha the Worm, and the many dwarves he slew."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "How well I remember Smaug the Golden, my beloved kin, and all his fury."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "And well, too well, I remember my own strength and devastation, when my wings worked and I was whole..."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "Before that craven, insolent little dwarf crept up on me in my slumber."
Zhélruka Warrior says, "If we cause the cave to collapse, we might just defeat this beast!"
CRUMBLING PILLAR "A weight-bearing pillar."
Weakening pillar ...
The cavern ceiling above Etterfang is starting to weaken!
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "Before his hard hammer mangled me and he paid with his wretched, little life."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "If I were in the whole of my health, you would already be but cinders."
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "And yet even so, I am fiery death fast upon you!"
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "Cursed pest!"
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "I will not fail my kin!"
The cavern ceiling is about to collapse!
Etterfang Foulmaw says, "Ugh!"
Defeated Etterfang!
Caverns of Thrumfall -- Solo/Duo
Drengur says, "Is that what I believe it to be?!"
Drengur says, "Why it is! It is indeed the Stave of Veluk-zámok!"
Drengur says, "This is a historic day for the Zhélruka!"