Quest:Chapter 9: Coursing Venom

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Chapter 9: Coursing Venom
Level 63
Type Solo
Starts with Issuriel
Starts at Gadorgar
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [14.6S, 51.4W]
Ends with Gruingalas
Ends at Ost Galadh
End Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [14.6S, 51.4W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 9
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I know antidote. The ingredients are very rare...but....'

Issuriel winces, clearly in a great deal of pain. When she has recovered enough to speak, she weakly continues.

'I need an unmarked venom sac from...the same brood of spider...and a flower. The flower Sereglos grows upon untended Mirkwood. It blooms only for a few the year...and dies. There may any remaining...this season....'

She gasps for air and is silent.


Issuriel knows of someone who can brew an antidote for the gwigael poison, but the components are so rare that it is only realistic to expect a single dose.

Objective 1

  • Collect a rare Sereglos flower
  • Collect unmarked Saewathel venom-sac

The Sereglos flower grows for a short span of time on untended barrows in Mirkwood. Unmarked venom sacs from the brood of spider that poisoned Mazog and Issuriel may be found throughout the Scuttledells, north of Ost Galadh.

Time is short: if the errand of the Hidden Guard is to succeed, Issuriel demands that you gather the components of an antidote to cure Mazog of the gwigael poison.

Issuriel: 'The Sereglos flower...grows only in untended Mirkwood...for...a few days out of the year. I do not know...where any may be. It may be already too late.
'We also unmarked venom sac...of the same Saebereth....
'Look in the Scuttle...the Scuttledells.'
Collected a rare Sereglos flower
Collected unmarked Saewathel venom-sac

Objective 2

Issuriel is within the makeshift camp in the storage room Gadorgar, inside Ost Galadh, south of the Scuttledells.

You have found the rare ingredients for the antidote Issuriel mentioned and should return to her with them at once.

Issuriel: 'You found...found the components. Good, <name>....'
Issuriel closes her eyes briefly, then opens them again sharply.
'Find Barvessain! She...she can make...the antidote....'
She struggles visibly, then manages to gasp out, 'She is somewhere in Ost Galadh!' before sleep takes her.

Objective 3

  • Find Barvessain and give her the components for the antidote

Barvessain is somewhere in Ost Galadh, in Emyn Lûm, south of the Scuttledells.

Issuriel has weakly asked you to find Barvessain, somewhere in Ost Galadh, and to get her to brew the antidote for the gwigael poison from the components you collected.

Barvessain: 'What is this? A Sereglos flower? How did you find this? These bloom so rarely and under such specific conditions....'
Barvessain trails off as you explain the need for an antidote to the gwigael poison.
'Laidhris, it is called, and I can brew it from these ingredients immediately. But there will be enough for only a single dose. I hope this will not be a problem.'
Barvessain brews the Laidhris antidote and hands it to you

Objective 4

  • Give the Laidhris antidote to Mazog or Issuriel

Mazog and Issuriel are both within Gadorgar, the makeshift storage room in Ost Galadh.

You now have a single dose of Laidhris antidote and must give it to one of the victims of the Gwigael poison.

Barvessain: 'I have given you the single dose of the Laidhris that I was able to brew. I hope you can use it to cure whomever is afflicted with gwigael. It is a terrible poison.'


Issuriel is barely conscious, but her mouth forms a thin line when she realizes what you are trying to give her.
'No...<name>...I will not...take the antidote....
'You must give it to Mazog...or the Hidden Guard...has failed....'
Issuriel refuses to take the antidote


Mazog is visibly ill, his body weakened from the effects of the gwigael poison. Still, he manages to sneer as you give him the Laidhris antidote.
'Kolfrangíz....' he manages to mutter and gives a short barking laugh before lapsing into sleep.
Mazog has received the Laidhris antidote. In time, he should recover

Objective 5

Achardor is in Gadorgar, the makeshift storage room in Ost Galadh.

You have given the antidote to Mazog, and Achardor is not pleased.

Mazog: 'Mazog has fallen asleep, but already his strength is beginning to return.'
Issuriel: 'Thank you...<name>....
'It is important...that the Hidden....'
Issuriel is unable to finish the thought before she lapses again into unconsciousness.
Achardor: 'I have nothing to say to you, <name>. I cannot understand how we have come to this point, saving the life of a filthy Orc and allowing a friend'
Achardor visibly brings himself under control.
'Tell Gruingalas outside the door that no one is to come into Gadorgar. I want no one disturbing Issuriel. She
'The scouts should also be recalled in preparation for the exchange of Mazog.'

Objective 6

Gruingalas is outside the door to Gadorgar, in Ost Galadh.

Archardor wants no one coming into Gadorgar anymore, in order for Issuriel to rest. He also wants the scouts recalled in preparation for the exchange of Mazog and has asked you to tell Gruingalas of these requests.

Gruingalas: 'I understand, <name>. I will allow no one to enter Gadorgar. We are all doing everything we can.'