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Rank is a direct reflection of your standing and service with either the Free Peoples, as your hero character, or the armies of Angmar, as a monster character. Both Monster Players and Free Peoples can earn up to 15 of the available ranks.

All Rank titles are used before the players name, for example; Man-at-Arms (Frodo), Avenger of Khazad-Dum

Monster Play Rank Titles
Rank Icon Free Peoples Title Icon Monster Players Title Renown / Infamy
0 <none> None <none> None 0
1 Footman Tracker 500
2 Esquire Scout 1,250
3 Guardsman Skirmisher 2,750
4 Man-at-Arms Fighter 5,750
5 Sergeant of the Guard Soldier 14,750
6 Sergeant-at-Arms Sentry 33,500
7 Master Guardsman Chief Guard 71,000
8 Master-at-Arms Chief Warrior 146,000
9 High Warden Taskmaster 258,500
10 Lieutenant Lieutenant 408,500
11 Commander Commander 633,500
12 Third Marshall Chieftain 1,008,500
13 Second Marshall High Chieftain 1,608,500
14 First Marshall Overlord 2,508,500
15 Captain-General Tyrant 3,708,500