War-stead of the Rohirrim

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Warstead of the Rohirrim
Type: Encampment
Region: Far Anórien
Area: Taur Drúadan
Location: [45.5S, 27.6W]
Warstead of the Rohirrim.jpg


The Warstead of the Rohirrim is a landmark in Taur Drúadan, Far Anórien. [45.5S, 27.6W]

Pausing for rest in their ride from Dunharrow to the relief of Minas Tirith, the 6,000 Rohirrim who answered King Théoden's call for a weaponstake, are encamped in Taur Drúadan along both sides of the road from the border with the Beacon Hills to the Eastern Blockade of the Variags.

Sheltering beneath the trees, along the roadway, arrayed beneath their banners one finds: