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World: Laurelin
Vocation: Historian
Class: Lore-master
Race: Elf
Region: Lothlórien
Age: ca. 6000
Height: 1.80 m
Sex: Female
Skin: Fair
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Brown

Lore-master-icon.png Ravanel

Ravanel was born in the Golden Wood of Lothlórien, where she learned to be a lore-master. She keeps many pets, of which her Raven is her favorite. She enjoys being an Ancient Master and weakens her enemies' abilities, as well as annoying them through rooting, dazing and sometimes even fearing. She also enjoys her role as a Keeper of Animals, facing daring challenges with the help of her pets.
During her time in Lórien, she was educated as a Historian. She started traveling to examine different cultures. In this time, it became fashionable to sail to the West and Ravanel wanted to be part of it. She came as far as Evendim, but there she was gravely distracted by the archaeological rich ruins of Annúminas. Also, a lost but adventurous hobbit minstrel gained her attention. She had never seen such a creature before. It became clear her time in Middle Earth was not done yet.
She gave up and eventually was incorporated in the kinship Honourary Shirriffs as a Voluntary Assistant Chief, while trying to excavate a hobbit hole using the quadrant-method. Apparently the hobbits thought it was better to have her as an ally than having her and her shovel released in the Shire. Ravanel was happy with her new function, for it gave her an opportunity to study hobbit culture.
After four years, she had learned all she could and gave up on luring out the hobbits from their holes to go on adventures. She wandered for long and it came to pass that she entered the hidden city of Gondolin. Here she took the opportunity to learn all about the history of Elves, which she had not heard of before, since her brethren never left Eriador. It was here that she met her betrothed Fingolwë, with whom she faces the darkest evil of Middle Earth as up today.



  • Will
  • Tactical Mitigation
  • Critical Rating
  • Morale



  • Legendary DPS Book:
  • Legendary Healing Book:
  • Legendary Swap Book:
  • Legendary Bridle:


  • ~120k finesse (23%)
  • 62k physical mitigation
  • 62k tactical mitigation