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About Me

I started playing LOTRO in 2008. I have no previous experience writing HTML or any sort of code, I'm currently learning how by looking at the coding on simular pages to the ones I'm editing; everything I've written in my user file I've learned how to do by studying the code of other pages on the Lotro Wiki. Infact, I learned how to add the contents box by looking at the coding of Goingbald's user profile lol.

Main Character: Grogard
Currently leveling: Vigmund: Level 100 Beorning
Server: Firefoot (Closed) - Moved to Gladden.
Kinship: Redemption (Officer Rank) - (Kinship Website [[1]])
Favorite Class: Beorning


I am a Truck Driver; so I don't get much time to log on, to the game or the wiki for editing, but I do what I can to log on as frequently as possible.

Current Task


I am currently attempting to complete every deed possible (short of the pvmp deeds, those will take longer, but I'll complete them eventually)

On lotro wiki:

I am editing the format on some of the deed pages to make them easier to read. I am also adding information to the deed pages as I go (i.e. Spawn locations and spawn counts for slayer deeds)