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Type: Waterfall
Region: Wells of Langflood
Area: Misthallow
Location: [31.4N, 62.7W]

Twainmantle is a landmark in Misthallow, in the Wells of Langflood. [31.4N, 62.7W]

The two waterfalls of the Twainmantle are formed at the passage of the Langwell and a smaller stream out of Elderslade into Misthallow. Together with the Reikfoss, these three falls make up the Three Sisters, the combined vapour that rises from their bases enshrouding all of Misthallow in fog.

The Langwell is the river that flows along the base of the Framsburg promontory. It originates in the Elderslade, flowing between the dwarf ruins of Annâk-khurfu and the dwarf ruins of Zarkul-sulûn.

While the Twainmantle extends from [32.2N, 62.1W] to [30.7N, 62.4W], there are no direct paths down to the river and back. To reach it, either jump off the waterfall of the Langwell in the Elderslade or slide down the cliff from Framsburg. The latter method offers the best chance of survival.


These deeds can be advanced by visiting the Twainmantle: