Treasure of Eastern Gondor

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To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Find the 18 treasure caches scattered through Eastern Gondor


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  Mark-icon.png 60 Marks
  18East Gondor Silver Piece-icon.png East Gondor Silver Piece
  Reputation-title-icon.png <name>, Treasure Seeker of Eastern Gondor
  Virtue Experience-icon.png 2000 Virtue Experience
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Rangers of Ithilien ( 900 )

Additional Information


Coordinates Directions / Description
[78.4S, 32.3W] Upper Lebennin, follow the road up to Sirthanc then go north along the top of the cliff
[82.8S, 28.6W] Upper Lebennin, south of Glaniath in a field near the river's edge
[81.4S, 25.5W] Upper Lebennin, in the trees near the river's edge northeast of Halach
[75.0S, 25.0W] Upper Lebennin, in the trees north of Minlos
[81.2S, 24.3W] Lossarnach, at the edge of a peninsula in the Erui Delta
[78.5S, 22.3W] Lossarnach, down a hillside south of the east exit from Aegollant
[76.0S, 21.0W] Lossarnach, outside the southern wall of Ost Norhír
[71.9S, 21.3W] Lossarnach, at the base of the cliff northwest of Harlond
[78.8S, 18.8W] South Ithilien, atop the cliff above the boat dock from Lossarnach (bear north from the dock then turn east, go up the cliff, then head back south again)
[73.1S, 14.3W] South Ithilien, on a ledge below the north end of the bridge to Bâr Húrin, near Langarch (it's too far to jump down and survive so go east along the top of the cliff until you can safely get down to the northwest)
[75.8S, 10.9W] South Ithilien, outside the northeast wall of Harlanc
[74.4S, 9.9W] South Ithilien, above the falls east of Bâr Húrin
[70.7S, 4.1W] South Ithilien, at the base of the cliff east of the road
[65.6S, 8.7W] South Ithilien, on a forested hill south of Osgiliath can only be viewed in Before Battle Osgilliath (verified)
[64.6S, 9.1W] Osgiliath, by the river south of a pillar near Haradrim
[63.8S, 10.3W] Osgiliath, on a ledge south of the Armoury near Morgul Raiders
[62.7S, 10.0W] Osgiliath, down near the river inside a metal hut behind a Morgul Defiler
[61.1S, 8.7W] Osgiliath, atop a high wall (go up the stairs north from Rómendacil's Square then turn west)

Possible Chest contents

You have found an ancient Cardolan Treasure-icon.png Treasure Cache

You open the ancient chest and find:

Note: Each chest may contain any of the following, or nothing.