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Treasure Caches are found in many areas, and are associated with explorer deeds of the same names.

Treasure finding deeds and their respective titles

Deed Level Title Awarded
Treasure of Swanfleet 1 Treasure-seeker of Swanfleet
Treasure of Cardolan 15 Treasure-seeker of Cardolan
Treasure of the North Downs 90 Treasure Seeker of The North Downs
Treasure of Evendim 90 Treasure Seeker of Evendim
Treasure of the Misty Mountains 90 Treasure Seeker of The Misty Mountains
Treasure of Angmar 90 Treasure Seeker of Angmar
Treasure of Forochel 90 Treasure Seeker of Forochel
Treasure of Western Gondor Treasure Seeker of West Gondor
Treasure of Central Gondor Treasure Seeker of Central Gondor
Treasure of Eastern Gondor Treasure Seeker of Eastern Gondor
Treasure of Far Anórien 100 Treasure Seeker of Far Anórien
Treasure of North Ithilien Treasure Seeker of North Ithilien
Treasure-seeker of the Shield Isles Treasure-seeker of Zîrar Tarka
Treasure-seeker of the Cape of Umbar Treasure-seeker of the Cape of Umbar
Treasure of Udûn Treasure Seeker of Udûn
Treasure of Dor Amarth Treasure Seeker of Dor Amarth
Treasure of Lhingris Treasure Seeker of Lhingris
Treasure of Talath Úrui Treasure Seeker of Talath Úrui
Treasure of Agarnaith Treasure Seeker of Agarnaith
Treasure of Southern Mirkwood 90 Treasure Seeker of Southern Mirkwood
Treasure-seeker of the North 115 Seeker of Dwarvish Treasures
Treasure-seeker of Ered Mithrin Treasure Seeker of the Grey Mountains
Treasure-seeker of the Vales Treasure Seeker of the Anduin
Treasure-seeker of the Wells of Langflood Treasure Seeker of the Langflood
Treasure-seeker of Elderslade Treasure Seeker of Elderslade
Treasure-seeker of Máttugard Treasure of Máttugard
Treasure-seeker of Deepscrave Treasure of Deepscrave
Treasure-seeker of the Pit Treasure of Stonejaws
Treasure-seeker of Câr Bronach Treasure of Câr Bronach
Treasure-seeker of Gloomingtarn Treasure of Gloomingtarn
Treasure-seeker of Clovengap Treasure of Clovengap
Treasure-seeker of Welkin-lofts Treasure of Welkin-lofts