The Heart of Fire

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The Heart of Fire
Type: Dwarven Forge
Region: The Silvertine Lodes
Area: Moria
Location: [11.0S, 112.9W]
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The Heart of Fire is a location in the Way of Smiths, [11.0S, 112.9W] located between the Silvertine Lodes and the Redhorn Lodes.


This is the place where the most powerful forges of Moria are found. Only here the fire is so hot that legendary weapons like Zigilburk can be remade. You will find Stóthkell, Wafi and Rink Stronghammer here for your Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 3 quests.

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The Way of the Smiths can be reached from both the Silvertine Lodes and the Redhorn Lodes. The Heart of Fire is a room to the north of this tunnel.
Description from the Silvertine Lodes



You enter The Heart of Fire from the Way of Smiths which has entrances from both the Silvertine Lodes and Redhorn Lodes. See the Way of Smiths page for details.

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