Tarlang's Neck

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Area.png Tarlang's Neck
Region: Western Gondor
Blackroot Vale
Levels: Mainly 95 - 96
Resource tier: Tier 9 - Westemnet
Tarlang's Neck.jpg


Tarlang's Neck is an area within Western Gondor.

This pass between the White Mountains and Tarlang's Peaks connects the larger areas of the Blackroot Vale and Lamedon. Here, the road runs through a tight gorge downhill from the Vale into the plains of Lamedon.

The villages of Lancrath and Dínadab are near opposite ends of the pass. Beyond them are the larger towns of Morlad and Calembel.


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The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of the Blackroot Vale and part of Tarlang's Neck

Map of Lamedon and part of Tarlang's Neck

Map of Western Gondor

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