Stat Enhancements

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Enhancing basic stats

You can enhance your character's five basic Character Stats and modify your Offence and Defence attributes in several ways.
Most all of these enhancements are cumulative, however, the devices providing the enhancements are frequently "self limiting" -- you can only wear two earrings or equip one shield, for example. Other items, such as foods, are limited to one type in use at a time. Some items "cancel out" immediately, i.e. allow immediate swapping, but other items have "cool-down" timers which must expire before the next similar item can be "used" -- typical with foods, if you consume the wrong one, you have to wait until its duration or cool-down expires.

Permanent Enhancements

A Stat Tome is a device to permanently increase one of your character's five basic Character Stats (Agility, Fate, Might, Vitality and Will). A statistic upgrade is acquired by consuming the appropriate Stat Tome. Each Tome to increase your basic Character Stat must be consumed in sequence — I, II, III, etc. These increases are reflected in your Character's Passive Skill panel, under "Attribute Enhancements". Access to tomes is gated by Level.

Item Available
at Level
Tomes I and II +15 +30 +30
Tomes III and IV 5 +15 +30 +60
Tomes V and VI 10 +15 +30 +90
Tome VII 15 +30 +30 +120
Tomes VIII to X 15 +40 +120 +240
Tome XI 50 +40 +40 +280
Tome XII to XVIII +5 +40 +280 +560

Drop information

Tomes I through IX can be acquired from lootboxes.
Tomes X, XI and XII can be acquired from the following boxes given as rewards from Big Battles:

Stat Tome Boxes have a random drop chance from within a Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootbox-icon.png Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootbox .
Stat Tome Boxes contain Tomes Ranks I-XVIII (Ranks 1 to 18)

Stat Tomes XIX and above are acquired from ???

Purchase of stat enhancement Tomes from the LOTRO Store

Update 15 (November 2014) introduced Tier XI and XII (ranks 11 and 12) into the LOTRO Store at 295 LOTRO Point  each. Recently tiers XIII to XVIII (Ranks 13 to 18) were introduced to the store,

There are eighteen tomes available in the LOTRO Store for a maximum possible enhancement of +560. All stat Tomes I-XVIII (Ranks 1 to 18) are now available from a Selection Box for 295 LOTRO Point .

Tomes I-V (Ranks 1 to 5) are also available as a Bundle for 1295 LOTRO Point . The cost is pro-rated if you already have one or more ranks provided in the bundle.

The LOTRO Store has an annoying quirk. Since you can only purchase those items you are immediately eligible to use, the LOTRO Store will only show you that one item, not all the similar items which are available. I.e. if you own Tome II, it will show you Tome III and the Bundle, but it will not show you individual Tomes IV, V, etc.

Tomes of Agility and Fate

Agility Bundle (Rank 1 to 5)
Tome of Agility I-icon.png Tome of Agility I Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 1
Tome of Agility II-icon.png Tome of Agility II Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 2
Tome of Agility III-icon.png Tome of Agility III Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 3
Tome of Agility IV-icon.png Tome of Agility IV Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 4
Tome of Agility V-icon.png Tome of Agility V Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 5
Purchase or Drop individually
Tome of Agility VI-icon.png Tome of Agility VI Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 6
Tome of Agility VII-icon.png Tome of Agility VII Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 7
Tome of Agility VIII-icon.png Tome of Agility VIII Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 8
Tome of Agility IX-icon.png Tome of Agility IX Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 9
Tome of Agility IX-icon.png Tome of Agility X Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 10
Tome of Agility XI-icon.png Tome of Agility XI Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 11
Tome of Agility XII-icon.png Tome of Agility XII Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 12
Tome of Agility XIII-icon.png Tome of Agility XIII Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 13
Tome of Agility XIV-icon.png Tome of Agility XIV Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 14
Tome of Agility XV-icon.png Tome of Agility XV Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 15
Tome of Agility XVI-icon.png Tome of Agility XVI Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 16
Tome of Agility XVII-icon.png Tome of Agility XVII Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 17
Tome of Agility XVIII-icon.png Tome of Agility XVIII Agility-icon.png Agility: Rank 18
Fate Bundle (Rank 1 to 5)
Tome of Fate I-icon.png Tome of Fate I Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 1
Tome of Fate II-icon.png Tome of Fate II Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 2
Tome of Fate III-icon.png Tome of Fate III Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 3
Tome of Fate IV-icon.png Tome of Fate IV Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 4
Tome of Fate V-icon.png Tome of Fate V Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 5
Purchase or Drop individually
Tome of Fate VI-icon.png Tome of Fate VI Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 6
Tome of Fate VII-icon.png Tome of Fate VII Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 7
Tome of Fate VIII-icon.png Tome of Fate VIII Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 8
Tome of Fate VII-icon.png Tome of Fate IX Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 9
Tome of Fate X-icon.png Tome of Fate X Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 10
Tome of Fate XI-icon.png Tome of Fate XI Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 11
Tome of Fate XI-icon.png Tome of Fate XII Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 12
Tome of Fate XIII-icon.png Tome of Fate XIII Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 13
Tome of Fate XIV-icon.png Tome of Fate XIV Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 14
Tome of Fate XV-icon.png Tome of Fate XV Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 15
Tome of Fate XVI-icon.png Tome of Fate XVI Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 16
Tome of Fate XVII-icon.png Tome of Fate XVII Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 17
Tome of Fate XVIII-icon.png Tome of Fate XVIII Fate-icon.png Fate: Rank 18

Tomes of Might and Vitality

Might Bundle (Rank 1 to 5)
Tome of Might I-icon.png Tome of Might I Might-icon.png Might: Rank 1
Tome of Might II-icon.png Tome of Might II Might-icon.png Might: Rank 2
Tome of Might III-icon.png Tome of Might III Might-icon.png Might: Rank 3
Tome of Might IV-icon.png Tome of Might IV Might-icon.png Might: Rank 4
Tome of Might V-icon.png Tome of Might V Might-icon.png Might: Rank 5
Purchase or Drop individually
Tome of Might VI-icon.png Tome of Might VI Might-icon.png Might: Rank 6
Tome of Might VII-icon.png Tome of Might VII Might-icon.png Might: Rank 7
Tome of Might VIII-icon.png Tome of Might VIII Might-icon.png Might: Rank 8
Tome of Might VII-icon.png Tome of Might IX Might-icon.png Might: Rank 9
Tome of Might VII-icon.png Tome of Might X Might-icon.png Might: Rank 10
Tome of Might VII-icon.png Tome of Might XI Might-icon.png Might: Rank 11
Tome of Might XII-icon.png Tome of Might XII Might-icon.png Might: Rank 12
Tome of Might XIII-icon.png Tome of Might XIII Might-icon.png Might: Rank 13
Tome of Might XIV-icon.png Tome of Might XIV Might-icon.png Might: Rank 14
Tome of Might XV-icon.png Tome of Might XV Might-icon.png Might: Rank 15
Tome of Might XVI-icon.png Tome of Might XVI Might-icon.png Might: Rank 16
Tome of Might XVII-icon.png Tome of Might XVII Might-icon.png Might: Rank 17
Tome of Might XVIII-icon.png Tome of Might XVIII Might-icon.png Might: Rank 18
Vitality Bundle (Rank 1 to 5)
Tome of Vitality I-icon.png Tome of Vitality I Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 1
Tome of Vitality II-icon.png Tome of Vitality II Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 2
Tome of Vitality III-icon.png Tome of Vitality III Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 3
Tome of Vitality IV-icon.png Tome of Vitality IV Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 4
Tome of Vitality V-icon.png Tome of Vitality V Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 5
Purchase or Drop individually
Tome of Vitality VI-icon.png Tome of Vitality VI Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 6
Tome of Vitality VII-icon.png Tome of Vitality VII Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 7
Tome of Vitality VIII-icon.png Tome of Vitality VIII Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 8
Tome of Vitality IX-icon.png Tome of Vitality IX Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 9
Tome of Vitality X-icon.png Tome of Vitality X Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 10
Tome of Vitality XI-icon.png Tome of Vitality XI Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 11
Tome of Vitality XII-icon.png Tome of Vitality XII Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 12
Tome of Vitality XII-icon.png Tome of Vitality XIII Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 13
Tome of Vitality XII-icon.png Tome of Vitality XIV Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 14
Tome of Vitality XV-icon.png Tome of Vitality XV Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 15
Tome of Vitality XVI-icon.png Tome of Vitality XVI Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 16
Tome of Vitality XVII-icon.png Tome of Vitality XVII Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 17
Tome of Vitality XVIII-icon.png Tome of Vitality XVIII Vitality-icon.png Vitality: Rank 18

Tomes of Will

Will Bundle (Rank 1 to 5)
Tome of Will I-icon.png Tome of Will I Will-icon.png Will: Rank 1
Tome of Will II-icon.png Tome of Will II Will-icon.png Will: Rank 2
Tome of Will III-icon.png Tome of Will III Will-icon.png Will: Rank 3
Tome of Will IV-icon.png Tome of Will IV Will-icon.png Will: Rank 4
Tome of Will V-icon.png Tome of Will V Will-icon.png Will: Rank 5
Purchase or Drop individually
Tome of Will VI-icon.png Tome of Will VI Will-icon.png Will: Rank 6
Tome of Will VII-icon.png Tome of Will VII Will-icon.png Will: Rank 7
Tome of Will VIII-icon.png Tome of Will VIII Will-icon.png Will: Rank 8
Tome of Will VII-icon.png Tome of Will IX Will-icon.png Will: Rank 9
Tome of Will VII-icon.png Tome of Will X Will-icon.png Will: Rank 10
Tome of Will XI-icon.png Tome of Will XI Will-icon.png Will: Rank 11
Tome of Will XII-icon.png Tome of Will XII Will-icon.png Will: Rank 12
Tome of Will XIII-icon.png Tome of Will XIII Will-icon.png Will: Rank 13
Tome of Will XIV-icon.png Tome of Will XIV Will-icon.png Will: Rank 14
Tome of Will XV-icon.png Tome of Will XV Will-icon.png Will: Rank 15
Tome of Will XVI-icon.png Tome of Will XVI Will-icon.png Will: Rank 16
Tome of Will XVII-icon.png Tome of Will XVII Will-icon.png Will: Rank 17
Tome of Will XVIII-icon.png Tome of Will XVIII Will-icon.png Will: Rank 18

Temporary Enhancements

Enhancements to your character's five basic Character Stats from equipped items typically exist for as long as the item is equipped.
Such enhancements are not considered Buffs as they can essentially be changed "on-the fly" whenever one is out of combat.
Temporary Enhancements to your Stats are called "Buffs."
Buffs from "Spells" cast by other characters, or when in the vicinity of certain characters or items have "Durations" or "Areas of Effect."
For example: The Hunter Buff: "Find the Path"' affords a +15% run-speed boost to all members of the Hunter's Fellowship who are within 20 meters of the Hunter any time the Fellowship is out of combat.
Buffs from "Food" items have "Durations."
Trail foods typically boost Stats for their "Duration," while other foods typically purge various effects, such as Wounds or Poison AND boost certain effects such as In-combat or Out-of-combat Morale or Power Regen (ICMR/ICPR or OCMR/OCPR).
Trail foods are crafted by Cooks. Other foods may be obtained as Quest Rewards, from Vendors, and are also crafted by Cooks.

Armour and Jewellery

Each piece of Armour, Jewellery or Weapon is different. One must examine each item individually to determine its effect(s).
Different pieces of Armour or Jewellery, in addition to enhancing your basic Armour Stat, will typically enhance one or more of your character's five basic Character Stats and possibly modify other Offence and Defence attributes.
If an item is a Quest reward, in your pack, vault or the inventory of a vendor, simply mouse-over each item to see its tooltip which lists its effects.
If equipped, in the Character panel, mouse-over each item to see its tooltip which lists its effects.
The effects from all equipped items can be seen (cumulatively) in your character Panel by examining the "stats" in the right hand column, rather than the item's tooltip.
(By equipping and un-equipping each item while the Character panel is open you can note the change in your character's overall stats.)
  • The majority of enhancements from most pieces of armour or jewellery are "always on."
  • Other enhancements require that you "use" ("On Use") the specific item. The enhancement then typically has a Duration, and a Cool-down period before it can be used again.
  • Other items provide "On <...> Proc" (automatic) effects -- such as if you are taking damage or if you are healing or being healed.
Frequently, multiple pieces of Armour or Jewellery will combine to form a "Set. Such a set yields additional bonuses when multiple (two or more) pieces of the set are worn.
As an item becomes "worn" through Combat, its enhancement values will drop until "Repaired." Repairs can be effected by almost all vendors.
Item Wear can be mitigated through certain boosts, such as:

The Essence System (Update 14)

With Update 14, certain pieces of Armour and Jewellery can be "enhanced" at the player's option by placing Essences into available slots.


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