Squirrel (Cosmetic)

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Cosmetic Pet Index

A list of Squirrel cosmetic pets available and how to obtain them.

Item Skill Acquired from Barter Cost
Brown Squirrel-icon.png Tome of the Brown Squirrel Brown Squirrel Bert Bartleby 5Token of Salutation-icon.png Bingo Badges
Red Squirrel-icon.png Tome of the Red Squirrel Red Squirrel Herbalist (Henneth Annûn) or Herbalist (Camp of the Host) Phial of Amber Extract-icon.png Phial of Amber Extract
White Squirrel-icon.png Tome of the White Squirrel White Squirrel Bert Bartleby 5Token of Salutation-icon.png Bingo Badges
Night Squirrel-icon.png Tome of the Night Squirrel Night Squirrel Radagast 20Rhosgobel Oak Leaf-icon.png Rhosgobel Oak Leaves
Dark Grey Squirrel-icon.png Dark Grey Squirrel Dark Grey Squirrel Quartermaster (March on Gundabad) 135Copper Coin of Gundabad-icon.png Copper Coin of Gundabads


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