Quest:The Tale of Borin

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The Tale of Borin
Level 118
Type Solo
Starts with Rúni
Starts at Skarháld
Start Region Ered Mithrin
Map Ref [34.9N, 45.5W]
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Ered Mithrin
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Here we are, you and I, <name>, among strange mountains and stranger dwarves. Though in truth, we Longbeards have histories with both, but that is a thing of scrolls and more than living memory. Of course, I am a Lore-master and know many tales from scrolls. Would you like to hear such a one?'

'It is known as the Tale of Borin. You see, Durin's Folk have also dwelled here. At the end of this chain of mountains lies Gundabad, where Durin first awoke! But this tale takes place long after that, when our home was Thikil-Gundu and our King was Dáin I. The dragons had gone quiet, and search was made for their whereabouts, for the dwarves distrusted this strange stillness. Thrór, Dáin's eldest son, searched Stormwall but found no dragon. Grór, his second, scoured Winterstith, and too found none. Only Dáin's brother, Borin, had fortune, ill or fair, within the depths of Glimmerdeep, where he came up the fearsome dragon Etterfang - asleep! Wasting not a moment or a breath, he took his great spiked mace and began a furious assualt. Dazed from sleep, the dragon must have thought a host of dwarves assailed her! Gravely wounded, maimed, and bleeding, she threw Borin across the cavern and when he arose, she was gone. Borin returned, having lost his quarry. Whether Etterfang lived or not, stayed or fled, none can say.

'If you should go to the Glimmerdeep mine, <name>, you might look for signs of either dragon or hoard, and take notes in this journal here. How glad I should be to extend the tale!'


Long ago, the dwarf Borin fought the dragon Etterfang in the Glimmerdeep mine. What became of the dragon remains unknown.

Objective 1

  • Look for signs of Borin's battle with Etterfang

You should look for some sign of Borin's battle with Etterfang in the Glimmerdeep mine, west and north of Skarháld.

This is where the battle must have been

Objective 2

  • Examine the fallen rock
  • Examine the large scratch
  • Examine the spider corpse
  • Make note of the fallen rock
  • Make note of the large scratch
  • Make note of the charred spider remains

The Glimmerdeep mine lies west then north of Skarháld.

You should examine and make note of things in the Glimmerdeep that may be connected to the battle between Borin and Etterfang.

FALLEN ROCK "An oddly positioned rock with large and deep scratch marks upon it."
Though old, this rock was clearly knocked violently to this spot
Writing ...
You write down your observations
LARGE SCRATCH "A set of deep claw marks embedded in stone."
This must have been made by a dragon
You write down your observations
SPIDER CORPSE "The husk of a long dead spider."
The ancient spider remains were charred by the flames.
You write down your observations

 Objective 3

You should talk to Rúni back at Skarháld.

Rúni says: 'You return! You have taken notes? Good, good. Let me see... Hum! Well then. We might well concluded that the dragon Etterfang fled into the caves and tunnels of burrowing spiders, deep within the mountains.'