Quest:Panning the Ered Mithrin

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Preparing an Expedition
Level 118
Type Solo
Starts with Hórin
Starts at Skarháld
Start Region Ered Mithrin
Map Ref [34.9N, 45.6W]
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Ered Mithrin
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Did you know, kízinek, that river and stream hold secrets to what lies hidden under stone?

'Do you not believe me? Take these panning things and see for yourself! You will not find the fabled realm of Thafar-gathol, but then, if you are not an utter drak, you may find something of value or use.

'Three rivers you will find here, or so the old tales tell: Greylin, Forest, and Heath. Go then, and see what you can find.'


Hórin, a Zhélruka Dwarf, claims rivers and streams can be panned to learn what is hidden under stone.

Objective 1

  • Pan for precious minerals in the Greylin River (0/2)
  • Pan for precious minerals in the Forest River (0/2)
  • Pan for precious minerals in the Heath River (0/2)

The Greylin, Forest, and Heath Rivers can all be found in Ered Mithrin.

You should pan for precious minerals at all three rivers.

Panning Equipment-icon.png Panning Equipment "Borrowed equipment for panning in rivers."
You find a couple interesting minerals and add them to your panning bag

Objective 2

You should return to Hórin in Skarháld with the minerals you have panned.

Upon returning to Skarháld, you wonder if you should give the minerals you collected a second look

Objective 3

  • Sift through contents of your panning bag in a rinsing cask

You should sift through the contents of your panning bag in a rinsing cask, found in Skarháld.

RINSING CASK "Used for rinsing various finds, both mined and panned."
Sifting through debris ... Found something!
Among the dirt and stones a glint catches your eye - a mithril flake!
MITHRIL FLAKE "A flake of mithril!"

Objective 4

  • Bring the mithril flake to Hórin

You should bring the mithril flake to Hórin in Skarháld.

'What? You did not find this panning. You could not. And yet, where else could you have? Are you a drak - or are you vúchut? No, you are no fool. Tell me then, from which river did this come."
You confess that you only found it rinsing your panning bag in Skarháld.
'Ah, a drak, a fool then! But a luck-touched fool. You have brought us a sign of fabled Thafar-gathol. A flake, no more. It is all we are accustomed to going on, in truth.'