Quest:Lost Lore of the Great Alliance

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Lost Lore of the Great Alliance
Level 122
Type Solo
Starts with Stark-white Page
Start Region Mordor Besieged
Ends with Elendil
Ends at Adambel
End Region Mordor Besieged
Map Ref [99.0S, 126.5W]
Quest Chain Mordor Besieged
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You have found the page of a journal, stark-white in contrast to the battle-scarred plain of Gorgoroth. Perhaps you can find other pages in Mordor Besieged and complete the story.


Pages of a journal can be found scattered across Mordor Beseiged. Perhaps you can complete it if you find them all.

Objective 1

  • Collect Page 1 (to Page 27)

Stark-white pages can be found scattered throughout Mordor Besieged.

You should collect the pages to complete the story.

Objective 2

  • Completed


The story is complete. You believe this is account of Gil-galad's shattering of the Morannon written by High-King Elendil himself. Perhaps if you bring it to him, he will be able to comment further.

Objective 3

  • Continue adventuring in Mordor Besieged

You have found lost pages of a journal authored by Elendil.

You should continue adventuring in Mordor Besieged.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Elendil

High-King Elendil can be found in Adambel.

If he is missing, he will return after the Council of the Kings

Elendil: 'Hail. <name>. What have you there?'
You show the High-King the pages you have collected.
'Ah, I had thought this journal lost! You are quite resourceful to have reconstructed this account.
'Indeed, the words here-in are mine. All who were present were shaken to the core by the storm Gil-galad brought forth that day. I am sure you feel the same. Does that surprise you? Even Kings feel fear in the face of real power. And still, the knowledge that the Dark Lord has a ring of power al his own brings me pause. We must bury that fear, and hold against the darkness; Courage is our greatest weapon.'
He hands you the spine from which the journal originated.
'Keep this journal for yourself, <name>. Let it be a constant reminder of the power of our Great Alliance, and give you hope in the battles to come. The Enemy may have great power, but so do we.'