Quest:Heraldry of Durin IV

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Heraldry of Durin IV
Level 122
Type Solo
Starts with Durin IV
Starts at Echad-in-Edhil
Start Region Mordor Besieged
Map Ref [95.9S, 127.9W]
Ends with Durin IV
Ends at Echad-in-Edhil
End Region Mordor Besieged
Map Ref [95.9S, 127.9W]
Quest Chain Mordor Besieged: Arandor
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I have come to assist in the war effort, though all else seems lost. Still would my people stand, fighting to the very end, even to the last dwarf. We will defy the Storm of Wrath for as long as we are able! But that horde is not yet here, and there are Orcs enough to deal with before it arrives. Know this: the Orcs of Sauron still fear my name and the axes of the dwarfes!

'Take the heraldry of my people and raise it above the Corps-fields of Parth Daenath. Our enemies will cover and our fellows will have strength in the coming days! Baruk Khazâd!'


Durin IV seeks to raise the heraldry of his people above the Corpse-fields of Parth Daenath.

Objective 1

Good places to raise the heraldry of Durin IV can be found in Parth Daenath.

You should raise the heraldry of Durin IV in Parth Daenath.

Objective 2

Durin IV can be found in Echad-in-Edhil.

You should talk to Durin IV.

Durin IV: 'I see the great banners of my people above the battle-plain. The Orcs are surely running in fear back to Barad-Dûr, the cowards!'