Quest:Instance: Mordor Triumphant

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Instance: Mordor Triumphant
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Aragorn
Starts at Eastern Slag-hill
Start Region Battle of the Morannon
Map Ref [35.3S, 3.5W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 8
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"And so we come to it, at last. The battle surges all around us, and our last stand begins..."


The armies of Mordor converge on the slag hills as Aragorn and the Host of the West prepare for the final assault.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Aragorn atop the eastern slag hill

Aragorn is atop the eastern slag hill, ready to engage once more with the enemies that approach.

Aragorn: 'My kinsmen and these others have cast back all of the enemy's advances to this point, <name>. We must not fail now!'
Aragorn says, "We must rejoin the fight, <name>!"

Objective 2

  • Defend Aragorn atop the slag hill

Aragorn is atop the eastern slag hill, ready to engage once more with the enemies that approach.

  • Stand your ground and defend Aragorn
Aragorn says, "Nazgûl overhead!"
Aragorn says, "Calenglad! Calenglad!"
Techeron says, "Calenglad has been taken!"
Angwed says, "No! No!"
Aragorn says, "<name>! It took him this way!"
Aragorn says, "Find him, <name>!"

Objective 3

  • Find Calenglad where he fell on the battlefield

Aragorn has asked you to find Calenglad where he fell, if you can, and ease his pain.

Brungos says, "There! I see him!"
Brungos says, "Calenglad..."
Calenglad: 'Do not ... give up... <name>. Remember...'
Calenglad coughs weekly, but he smiles despite the pain.
'From above... I saw light. It cannot... be quenched...'
'The new age...'
Great shouting and clamour rises from the west

Objective 4

  • Help soldiers caught between the slag hills

Aragorn has asked you to make your way to the western slag hill and to help soldiers caught in the middle of the fighting.

Calenglad says, "Remember... Gwin..."
Brungos: 'I will stay here and guard Calenglad's body from our foes, <name>. You are needed to the west, between the slag hills, for the soldiers there are hard-pressed! Go, quickly!'
Golasgil says, "Berthon! No!"

Objective 5

Golasgil of Anfalas has been caught between the slah hills and needs your help

Golasgil: 'We have to do something about those flying beasts, or there will be no one left to carry on the fight!
'Follow me, <name>! We must find some archers!'

Objective 6

  • Fight alongside Golasgil

Golasgil of Anfalas has been caught between the slag hills and needs your help.

Golasgil says, "Follow me!"
Golasgil says, "What happened to all the archers?"
Golasgil says, "Thread the needle, <name>! Now is not the time!"
Golasgil says, "You should not have gotten in our way, wretches!"
Golasgil says, "Get ready! Here comes a big one!"
Golasgil says, "Golasgil of Anfalas strikes you down!"
Golasgil says, "Finish it... <name>... I am..."
Golasgil says, " <name>... do you live...?"

Objective 7

  • Talk to Golasgil where he lies

Golasgil has been mortally wounded.

Golasgil: 'I cannot see you, friend... everything is ... darkness...
'I know I do not have long. Fight on... fight on...
'If there is a day to come... after this... look to the people... of Anfalas. Tell them ... Tell then their lord...'
You hear a scream from above. That was Pippin's voice!

Objective 8

  • Find Pippin atop the western slag hill

You have heard Pippin's voice from above the din of battle. He needs your help!

You have found Beregond, but Pippin does not stand with him

Objective 9

  • Talk to Beregond atop the western slag hill

Beregond is atop the western slag hill, calling for help.

Beregond: 'The halfling... he saved my life! I was stunned and fell beneath the press of battle, but even as the great troll reached out to end my life, Peregrin stabbed it with his blade!
'He slew the beast, but it fell upon haim and I fear he is dead!'

Objective 10

  • Check on Pippin where he lies

Pippin lies beneath a great Olog atop the western slag hill.

Pippin does not move

Objective 11

  • Talk to Beregond atop the western slag hill

The battle rages all around you, and Beregond intends to rally the forces to keep fighting until the end.

Beregond: 'There is no end to this onslaught, <name>! As long as we are divided, we are weak. We must move as a group if we are to stand long.
'We must fight back to King Elessar before it is too late!'