Quest:Instance: Man and Monster

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Instance: Man and Monster
Level 85
Type Solo only
Starts with Mossbeard
Starts at Stonecliff
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [30.2S, 70.9W]
Ends with Mossbeard
Ends at Drû Vádokan
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [31.0S, 74.5W]
Quest Group Wildermore: Balewood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Man and Monster
"The Ent, Mossbeard, wishes to tell you more of what he has learned from the trees of Balewood. Núrzum's might stems not from within, but from the vile stone upon his back granted to him by a powerful benefactor."


Mossbeard wishes to tell you more of Núrzum's origins and the strange man who returned to the forest with him.

Objective 1

Mossbeard is standing outside of Drû Vádokan.

Mossbeard is ready to tell you more of Núrzum's origins. You should speak with him and listen to his tale.

Mossbeard: 'The rest of my tale begins where Brúndoron fell... though since that tragic day, much time had passed and many more trees had fallen to shape the walls of their disgraceful camp.
'Hoom. It is clear now that Núrzum's ally was no better than those he harboured within these walls, though far more mighty.
'When you are ready, little one, I will tell you what I know of Núrzum and how he vame to possess such a stone.'

Objective 2

You feel as if you can see Mossbeard's memories all around you.

As Mossbeard speaks, he describes a meeting between Núrzum and Saruman inside Drû Vádokan. Núrzum's past and his purpose in Wildermore are becoming more clear with each passing moment.

Mossbeard says, "At their crude camp, where remnants of Brúndoron's roots still laid hewn in the earth, Núrzum stood amongst fearful Orcs."
Mossbeard says, "His wrath had not yet visited the forest directly, but the stone he carried upon his back had already brought thick snowfall to the lands around him...."
Mossbeard says, "Núrzum stood waiting, not knowing when his friend would arrive, and lost in what he was to do with his newfound might."
Mossbeard says, "In the distance, the harsh weather seemed to split as a man strode forth through the snowfall..."
Mossbeard says, "As the snow swirled around him, the man's robes seemed to shimmer with myriad colours, and Núrzum knew at once his powerful ally had returned."
Saruman says, "Long has it been, my large friend."
Núrzum says, "It has..."
Núrzum says, "I returned to the forest as you bid me, and... I am prepared to stand against those that would oppose me."
Saruman says, "Tell me, Núrzum, have you come to appreciate this opportunity?"
Saruman says, "The gifts I have bestowed upon you?"
Núrzum says, "Gifts?! What gifts, Wizard?"
Núrzum says, "Even my own kind would not look upon me now..."
Saruman says, "You are not of your kind any longer, Núrzum..."
Saruman says, "You knew as much when I came upon you in this forest, wounded and lost as you were."
Saruman says, "I have done naught but fulfill everything promised to you..."
Núrzum says, "I asked for the strength to survive my wounds, the ability to return to the cold of the Misty Mountains..."
Núrzum says, "... and the chance to seek revenge against the Men that harried me in my travels."
Saruman says, "Where then have I failed? All of those are within your grasp now."
Saruman says, "I gave you strength through the roots that now wind about your stones..."
Saruman says, "I granted you a snow-covered home no matter where your travels take you..."
Saruman says, "And the Men? They cannot stand against you any longer..."
Núrzum says, '"Your words are convincing, Wizard. Of that, there is no doubt."
Saruman says, "You are something far greater than before, but you must remember, my friend... that you serve me."
Núrzum says, "What would you ask of me before I make these lands my home?"
Saruman says, "You will slay the leaders of this land to the last."
Saruman says, "Cynegar, Aldstan, the knight Thrymm... remember them well."
Saruman says, "As for the Reeve, Gárwig, leave his family in shambles."
Saruman says, "Slay Gárnoth, Edsig, Gárferth, Cuthbald, and Gársig..."
Saruman says, "Leave him in ruin, and let him never again pose a threat to you!"
Saruman says, "That is all I ask of you, Núrzum."
Núrzum says, "It shall be done, master. Let these puny Men regret the day they pushed me from their lands!"
Saruman says, "As I had hoped, friend."
Saruman says, "Now, journey through the forest and visit your frozen terror upon all that would stand against you!"
Saruman says, "May all of Rohan freeze in your wake!"
Instance: Man and Monster
Mossbeard: 'Now you understand, <name>... Let us leave this memory.'