Quest:Instance: Heirloom of the Tribes

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Instance: Heirloom of the Tribes
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Raiglud
Starts at Dunland
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [85.6S, 19.3W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 2
Class Hunter
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Heirloom of the Tribes
"Your efforts to cleanse the evils from the corrupted needle have led you to the oldest woman in Lhanuch, and the story she has to tell..."


Raiglud has a story to tell, and perhaps hearing it will help you to cleanse the needle of the corruption that surrounds it.

Objective 1

Raiglud, the oldest woman in Lhanuch, has begun to tell you a tale from her childhood.

Raiglud: 'Before the Uch-lûth came to be Algraig, our home was in the south, in Dunland. I was very young then, and I spent my days climbing the hills and scaring the birds with my shouting. I was a fiery child, and the elders ran out of ways to discipline me. Then they sought to beseech my better nature, hoping I might calm somewhat and learn the art of the tailor.
'That did not work either, so they gave it up, and let me do as I would. That was the smartest thing they might have done! Ha! Ha!'

Objective 2

  • Listen to Raiglud's story

Raiglud is telling you a tale from her childhood.

Raiglud says, "I did not want to be a tailor in those days."
Raiglud says, "I thought every craft of the Uch-lûth was dull."
Raiglud says, "Deilur was the prime tailor of the Uch-lûth, and I thought she was dull too."
Raiglud says, "Every day she combed the skins, and worked the leather, and stitched clothes."
Deilur says, "Raiglud! I need your help with this."
Deilur says, "Raiglud!"
Deilur says, "Where is that girl?"
Raiglud says, "I was hiding. I did not want to work."
Raiglud says, "I can still remember the heat of the sun that day."
Raiglud says, "Most of the warriors were away on a hunt."
Raiglud says, "Later I learned they were ambushed by an Orc raiding party, and all slain."
Raiglud says, "So it was that the village was undefended when the raiders found it."
Raiglud says, "He was called Maushkán."
Maushkán says, "Cast down your weapons and you will not be harmed!"
Raiglud says, "It was a lie, of course."
Raiglud says, "The Orcs sought food and valuables, but they also enjoyed killing."
Raiglud says, "They killed every member of the Uch-lûth they found."
Raiglud says, "Soon only Deilur remained."
Raiglud says, "I must rest a moment, <name>."
Raiglud says, "It is taxing to tell such stories."

Objective 3

  • Consider Raiglud's description of Deilur
  • Consider Raiglud's description of Maushkán
  • Consider Raiglud's description of herself as a child

Raiglud has told you she needs to rest a moment, for the telling of this tale is taking a lot out of her.

Deilur: You can almost see Deilur standing defiantly before the Orc raiding party, surrounded by the bodies of her friends and her family among the Uch-lûth. She has little chance of surviving this encounter, but Raiglud's description of her is so vivid that she seems almost to be standing before you, hale and hearty.
She has nothing that might be called a weapon, but she does grip a needle of bone in one hidden fist.
Maushkán: Maushkán has already slain many members of Raiglud's tribe this day, but he is eager to kill even more. You can almost see the rage and hatred in his eyes, and smell his foul stench. He leads a raiding party of Orcs, and they follow him out of fear and a desire for treasure.
Young Raiglud: It is hard to believe that Raiglud could ever have been young, but you know that it must have been true, as it is for all people. You can almost see her, hidden by a mound of grass and hay, as her fear of Maushkán and his band wars with her anger at what they have done to her people.
Raiglud says, "I am ready to continue the tale, if you are willing to hear the rest."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Raiglud and listen to the rest of her story

Raiglud is ready to continue her tale.

Raiglud: 'Yes, I am ready to continue. Sometimes words must travel through darkness to reach the light. We are quite in the darkness now.'

Objective 5

  • Listen to Raiglud's story

Raiglud is telling you a tale from her childhood.

Raiglud says, Should I move from my hiding-place? I did not know what to do.
Raiglud says, But then Deilur put an end to my struggle.
Deilur says, I will show you our treasure.
Maushkán says, You will, eh? Well, get to it! I don't have all day!
Deilur says, This is what I treasure: that I will have vengeance upon YOU!
Maushkán says, Ugh... she stabbed me with something...
Maushkán says, I do not feel... ugh...
Raiglud says, Deilur stabbed him with such force that her needle buried itself in his flesh.
Raiglud says, Maushkán survived, but he was in terrible pain.
Raiglud says, It was some time before he was well enough to leave.
Raiglud says, When they had gone, I came out of hiding.
Raiglud says, I buried the Uch-lûth, and Deilur last of all.
Raiglud says, I went in search of a new home, and found a place where I could be welcome.
Raiglud says, I became a tailor, to honour Deilur's memory.

Objective 6

  • Talk to Raiglud

Raiglud has told her story.

Raiglud: 'And now you have come to my village, and you bear a needle so like those used by Deilur those many years ago. You say that it came from a place of evil, and the feeling of it is so corrupt that I do not question it. I can tell you the story of that needle, for now I know its ending.
'Maushkán was made weak by Deilur's needle, and it caused him a great deal of pain, but it was sunk deep into his flesh and he could not remove it. He returned in time to his own land, but every day was a torment, for the needle pained him so. He must have learned to live with the pain, but every sharp twinge was a reminder of Deilur's defiance. There was no day he did not think of Deilur, and in that way he was very like me.
'But while I am now grown old, the oldest woman in Lhanuch, I think Maushkán did not reach such an age. There came a day when he succumbed, at last, to the pain of Deilur's needle, and when his body was gone only the needle remained. Perhaps some villain picked it up, never knowing what it signified, or any of its history, and it came by long roads to you, and then to me.
'This needle travelled many leagues to have its vengeance upon Maushkán, but now its task is done. Farewell, Deilur! You have been avenged, and this old woman remembers you and what you did, and always will. And now <name> will as well.'
The Needle of Many Leagues has been cleansed of Mordor's corruption!
Completed:Instance: Heirloom of the Tribes
Collected the Needle of Many Leagues