Quest:Instance: Heirloom of the Eglain

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Instance: Heirloom of the Eglain
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Aric the Stone-speaker
Starts at Harloeg
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [37.5S, 28.1W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Your efforts to cleanse the evils from the corrupted carving have led you to the Spring of the Red-maid..."


Objective 1

Walgar: 'These ruins are curiously empty, <name>. It feels to me as if some presence waits for us, holding its breath! Does the Red-maid live again, thinking to seize us and pull us beneath the fetid water?
'We all listened to the Stone-speaker's tale, and in the mid-day light of Ost Guruth this seemed like an idea with merit. If the sculpture you carry is truly a carving of the warrior-woman Darothild, bringing it to the site of her last battle might cure it of the corrupting ailment that surrounds it. But now that we are at the place, I am not as certain!
'Let us finish this, then, but stay on your guard! This place ended Darothild. I do not wish for it to signal our ends as well!'

Objective 2

Walgar says, "Remain alert, my friends."
Walgar says, "I am no stranger to unpleasant ruins, but this one takes them all!"
Walgar says, "Do you see anything?"
Walgar says, "I knew it!"

Objective 3

  • Defend Walgar from the Woman at the Spring
Walgar says, "You there! It's not safe here!"
Eglain Warrior says, "Walgar, be cautious!"
Eglain Warrior says, "Wait!"
Woman at the Spring says, "What brings you to this place?"
Woman at the Spring says, "It is not safe here for you."
Walgar says, "Are you... are you the Red-maid? Do you wish us harm?"
Woman at the Spring says, "I do not remember. All I know is this place is mine."
Woman at the Spring says, "All I know is this place."
Woman at the Spring says, "I do not remember why."
There can be no doubt. This is the shade of Darothild

Objective 4

Woman at the Spring: 'Stay back! I will not hesitate to put you in the ground! My spear has tasted the blood of so many, and for the defence of my people and my land it will drink deeply of yours, villain!'
Darothild falls silent as you begin to speak. You speak calmly, with quiet words, but each one cuts deeper than the one before it, deadlier than any of your other weapons. You tell of the stories that were passed down among the Eglain, stories about Darothild, the mighty champion who faced the Red-maid in defence of her people and never returned.

Objective 5

Shade of Darothild says, "How can this be?"
Shade of Darothild says, "Did my fight amount to nothing?"
Shade of Darothild says, "Did my people suffer? Are they now long dead?"
Walgar says, "As the Red-maid fell to corruption, so too did many innocents."
Walgar says, "But she could not stamp out all of the Eglain. She is gone for good, and we remain."
Walgar says, "<name>, show her the sculpture!"
Shade of Darothild says, "What cruel hurt is this?"

Objective 6

  • Show the corrupted sculpture to [Darothild]]'s shade
Shade of Darothild: 'Where did you find this? I would know this carving anywhere, for it was a gift from my love. He begged me not to go. He gave me presents and gifts he carved from wood and stone and bone and tusk, but I refused them all. I carried my love for him to this place, and my spear, and nothing else.
'All else is clouded to me, but I can see his face more clearly than anything else in this shadowed world. He must be long dead now, my Bemwin.'
You tell Darothild that the Eglain have found many similar sculptures in the swamp-lands; Bemwin must have lived long enough to make many such carvings. She smiles sadly at you.
Shade of Darothild says, "Thank you, merciful ones."
Shade of Darothild says, "Before, I did not feel the bonds holding me to this place."
Shade of Darothild says, "Now I can feel them unwinding."
Shade of Darothild says, "I am free of my captivity, and of my sorrow."
The Image of the Champion has been cleansed of Mordor's corruption

Objective 7

Walgar: 'The story of Darothild was a sad one, <name>, but it was told to children of the Eglain to impress upon them the importance of standing and fighting against evil, even if it is not easy. Especially if it is not easy.
'The carving has been cleansed of its corruption, and the shade of Darothild has escaped from her long captivity. Those are both worthy goals to have accomplished this day! I think she will be glad for you to hold onto her carved image, <name>, especially if it will help you combat evils such as the Red-maid.
'Let us leave this place, and then I will bid you farewell. May the Image of the Champion serve you well!'
Completed:Instance: Heirloom of the Eglain
Collected the Image of the Champion