Quest:How the Shire Shoos Shrews

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How the Shire Shoos Shrews
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Bodo Burrows
Starts at The Festival Garden
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [24.8S, 93.2W]
Quest Chain Spring Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Well, I never thought I'd see the day when we hobbits would have these graceful old Elves beat, but it seems this is just such a day! This will make a grand story at the Ivy Bush.

'As you can imagine, we have many farms and gardens in the Shire, and naturally we have shrews to pester us as well. But I guarantee you that even the simplest hobbit has more wisdom in dealing with shrews than all these Elves combined!

'Don't believe me? Go talk to the farmers around Hobbiton and Michel Delving! See what happens when shrews dare to pester them! Then you can come back and tell these poor hapless Elves what you've learned.'


The Elves of Duillond hae been told that the farmers of the Shire have infinitely more wisdom when it comes to dealing with garden pests.

Objective 1

The Elf Maengamiel can be found in the Garden of Duillond, watching helplessly over the shrew-ridden field.

You should tell Maengamiel about Bodo Burrows' proposition.

Maengamiel: 'He said what? Why, that little....
'Nay, don't listen to me. There is no reason for me to take offense. Perhaps our little dirty-footed, cheeky, gap-toothed guest is correct. Perhaps we Elves have something to learn from these hobbits.
'They must be truly gifted farmers to have grown so fat. Yes -- do go to the Shire. Learn what you can from the dumplings -- I mean, halflings -- on how to best get rid of shrews.'
Maengamiel is willing to learn of the hobbits' Shrew-lore

Objective 2

Nibs Cotton is at the Cotton's farm in Bywater, while Wald Sandson at Sandson's Farm near Michel Delving. The Gaffer Hamfast Gamgee is in Hobbiton, of course.

Nibs Cotton: 'You want to know how we keep shrews away from our fields? It's very simple! My cat here, Waldy, is the finest shrew-hunter in all the Shire. Watch what he can do!'
This hobbit-gardener uses a cat to hunt down shrews....
Nibs Cotton says, "Hey, Waldy! Wake up!"
Nibs Cotton says, "There are some shrews in our fields. Go on, hunt!"
Waldy says, "Hssss."
Nibs Cotton says, "Er..."
Nibs Cotton says, "I think Waldy is busy at the moment. Come back later; you'll see what he can do!"
Wald Sandson: 'Hello there! Shrews? Yes, we've been known to see a shrew or two. I'll tell you the secret to getting rid of VERY LOUDLY about winter being just around the corner.
'Shrews hibernate in winter, you see. Just talk about how cold it's getting, and how it's supposed to snow tomorrow. You'll see. They'll be running for their warm, cozy burrows in no time!'
The hobbit-gardener uses verbal trickery to rid his farm of shrews....
Wald Sandson says, "Ahem. Erm...."
Wald Sandson says, "Hmmm."
Wald Sandson says, "BRR. I NEED SOME MITTENS...."
Wald Sandson says, "Yes, well. As you can see, they're very disturbed by the news of oncoming winter."
Wald Sandson says, "I'm sure they'll be running for the hills soon."
Gaffer Gamgee: 'If you're wanting advice on gardening, you've come to the right hobbit. Shrews are nasty critters, determined to ruin my work. There are two ways to deal with them. Either trap them, or chuck an apple at them! Aim for the head if you decide to chuck an apple. I suppose stomping on them would work to, if you're quick.'
The Gaffer, a sensible gardener, has methods not unlike the Elves of Duillond
Gaffer Gamgee says, "Shrews are everywhere this time of year. There's nothing to be done about it!"
Gaffer Gamgee says, "See that? Bold as brass!"

Objective 3

  • Speak with Maengamiel in the Festival Garden

Maengamiel is in the Festival Garden in Duillond, watching over the shrew chaos.

You should tell Maengamiel what you learned from the three hobbit gardeners.

Maengamiel: Maengamiel listens keenly as you tell the tale of your journey in the Shire.
'That sounded like a productive venture, <name>. Sleeping cats, lies about the season...but at least one hobbit resorts to similar methods to those we use here. I believe an apple hurled at the unruly beasts would give me a great sense of satisfaction.
'Know-it-all hobbits don't seem to know so much after all.'