Prologue Quests

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Each race has its own sequence of Epic - Prologue quests, which are part of the Epic Quest line. They follow on directly from each race's Epic - Intro quests and they eventually lead into the Book 1 quests.

Most, if not all, of these prologue quests can be done by any race.

The Before the Shadow - Prologue quests are not race specific and offer an alternative starting experience.

Next quest after the Shadows of Angmar Prologue: Foreword: An Unwanted Guest

Next quest after the Before the Shadows Prologue: Book 1, Chapter 1: In The Wizard's Employ

Shadows of Angmar

Dwarves and Stout-axes

The Dwarf prologue quests begin in Thorin's Gate within Ered Luin.

  1. [5] Prologue (Dwarf): At the Behest of Unnarr
  2. [6] Prologue (Dwarf): The Missing Guard
  3. [6] Prologue (Dwarf): Beyond the Cave-in
  4. [6] Prologue (Dwarf): Dwalin's Bad Day
  5. [8] Prologue (Dwarf): The Wisdom of the Thrushes
  6. [9] Prologue (Dwarf): The Old Dourhand City
  7. [9] Prologue (Dwarf): Gondamon in the Low-lands

Elves and High-elves

The Elf prologue quests begin in Celondim within Ered Luin.

  1. [5] Prologue (High Elf): A Sea Unsettled
  2. [5] Prologue (High Elf): Reflections of the Past

High Elf Prologue continues with the Elf Prologue:

  1. [5] Prologue (Elf): At the Behest of Cardavor
  2. [6] Prologue (Elf): Unlike Avorthal
  3. [6] Prologue (Elf): Avorthal's Favourite Haunts
  4. [7] Prologue (Elf): The Wrath of the Elves
  5. [9] Prologue (Elf): The Master of the Refuge
  6. [11] Prologue (Elf): The Emissary
  7. [11] Prologue (Elf): Suspicious Encampment
  8. [11] Prologue (Elf): Reluctant Allies

Dwarves, Stout-axes, Elves and High-elves United Path

This is the united quest chain for Dwarves and Elves after that they have completed their prologues, respectively.

  1. [11] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): Mutual Dislike
  2. [12] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): To Avert a War
  3. [12] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): Rescue by Moonlight
  4. [12] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): Preparations for the Assault
  5. [12] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): Assault on Rath Teraig
  6. [15] Prologue (Dwarf/Elf): The One Called Strider

Continues with Foreword: An Unwanted Guest -- Vol. I, Book 1


The Hobbit prologue quests begin in Little Delving within The Shire.

Prerequisite: completed the introduction quests.

Shire Epic Prologue

  1. [7] Prologue: Mundo's Complaint
  2. [8] Prologue: Flourdumpling's Stand
  3. [11] Prologue: Make Yourself Useful
  4. [11] Prologue: Pansy Tunnelly's Tale
  5. [12] Prologue: The Aid of Halros
  6. [12] Prologue: Goblin Foothold
  7. [12] Prologue: Troubles to Come
  8. [12] Prologue: The Quarry In Scary - Fellowship
  9. [12] Prologue: Bullroarer's Club
  10. [12] Prologue: Beneath the Greenfields
  11. [12] Prologue: The Shire Unprotected

Continues with Foreword: An Unwanted Guest -- Vol. I, Book 1

Men and Beornings

The Man and Beorning prologue quests begin in Archet within Bree-land.

  1. [5] Prologue: Burying the Dead
  2. [8] Prologue: An Urgent Summons
  3. [8] Prologue: Finding Amdir
  4. [10] Prologue: Cutleaf's Good Intentions
  5. [10] Prologue: Greater Responsibility
  6. [11] Prologue: A Critical Strike
  7. [12] Prologue: The Hideout
  8. [14] Prologue: Chasing Amdir
  9. [14] Prologue: To a Ranger's Aid

Continues with Foreword: An Unwanted Guest -- Vol. I, Book 1

Before the Shadow

Before the Shadow, Prologue

[1] Instance: Mossward the Border Village
[1] A Larger World
[2] Prologue, Chapter 1: Something Different
[2] Prologue, Chapter 2: Skills of an Adventurer (All Classes)
[4] Prologue, Chapter 3: On the Old South Road
[6] Prologue, Chapter 4: A Hardy People
[7] Prologue, Chapter 5: Mark of the White Hand
[7] Prologue, Chapter 6:Worrisome Tidings

Continues with Book 1, Chapter 1: In The Wizard's Employ -- Before the Shadow, Book 1