Peikko Den

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Peikko Cave
Type: Peikko Den
Region: Forochel
Area: Länsi-mâ
Location: [9.5N, 79.8W]
Peikko Cave.jpg

Peikko Den (Lossoth for Troll Cave) is a landmark within Länsi-mâ, in Forochel. [9.5N, 79.8W]

Peikko Cave Entrance

This public dungeon is located at the foot of the mountains east of Zigilgund. A large population of peikkos have found shelter within the icy tunnels. In the deepest burrow their matron has claimed her chambers, where she feasts away on unfortunate mammoths. The cave is noteworthy for not just the mammoth tusks and bones that litter the cave, but also the massive crystals that protrude from cave's floors.


Peikko Cave Map



These creatures are encountered at this location: